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On-Line = accessible from anywhere on the planet!


This is a 2-hour Class with an additional 1-hour Open Question and Answer session to give you all the tools you need to address any issue that arises in your body or environment.  It is a Powerful Class filled with information that can be utilized by anyone!

  1. A PDF workbook with the guidelines and instructions for the tools that you receive in the online class.
  2. Access to a webpage that will provide audio clips of sounding processes.
  3. A guided daily chakra entrainment process to balance and harmonize the chakras.
  4. A Birth Note Color Wheel.
  5. A comprehensive Frequency Chart that has common health issues related to the chakra, notes for sounding, emotional responses, colors, associated astrological signs, mantras, associated glands and organs, effect of tones when used on these chakra centers.
  6. Guidance on Qigong movements for empowering the chakra centers.


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Standard & Specialized Classes

There are 2 Standard Training Classes being offered at this time.  Level 1 basics, and Level 2 with advanced vibrational processes (details below).

We also create Specialized Classes for specific disciplines and modalities, that create added value for your clients or yourself.  Shira has extensive professional training in Vibrational Medicine, Frequency Therapy and Sound Treatment.  She is equipped to teach Frequency Classes to any need or request.  She has over 12 years of experience, including extensive research, client treatment and deep self-care using frequency.  She can bring any modality that you use into a clearer space, by teaching you tools related to frequency work that will dynamically energize and empower any current processes that you are using. All healing modalities are, at their root, based in frequency, since that is the essence of the Universe.  For information pertaining to this specialty work, please contact Shira by phone, so that we can collaborate with you to add even more benefits from the work you do.


Standard Classes:

Level 1:  This class is designed to give the participants the tools to take their own voice print using 2 different methods.  It will give them scientific evidence of the frequencies in their personal environments and how to affect them.  It provides studies that explain and validate how frequency creates our world and how we can transform it to create a healing environment.  This class will empower individuals to see their own frequencies and decipher their personal needs for bringing their body back into harmonic balance and resonance.  Participants will walk away with all the tools they need to understand their personal frequency patterns and to create a healing process based on the imbalances in their voice prints.  Class Materials provided include CD with setup files for software on programs used to take voice prints, make personal tracks, see overtone values of the voice and locate frequency treatment tones for personal self care.     $500


Level 2:  A whole new level of sound.  This class is an experience of transformation.  We will present and work through voice prints to get a deep understanding of what each frequency relates to in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.  We will provide in-depth information on the use of software and technical equipment to create personal treatment programs for the participants.  We will delve deep into the self, to determine where the frequency imbalances are stemming from and uncover our hidden agendas and old patterns.  We will create individual “game plans” to heal and transform the frequencies that do not serve our creative process.  This class is for the serious transformers!  Get ready for the frequency ride of your life!  $500


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ARE YOU INTERESTED in hosting a class in your area?  Please CONTACT US directly to discuss options, costs, dates, etc.  WE ARE HAPPY TO TRAVEL to bring this powerful work to YOUR region.


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