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Revealing Cultural Memes #3 –

You have to have A Title or A Powerful Label to be Important


Wildlife and the earth have so much to teach us, if we will just “see” the message.  Creatures of all kinds move through their lives “being” all that they came here to be.  Not to get attention from another creature, or to prove that they can, or to look good in the eyes of another, nor even to feel loved by another.  They play out their personal gifts in integrity as the animal that they are.  They live life fully and without condemnation of any kind.  They do not look to their tribes to see how they are supposed to act or feel.  They dance in their world in the truth of what and who they are.

Do you ever wonder why we, “the human race,” can’t seem to do that?  Why is it that we are trying to do what our parents, clergy, teachers and others tell us?  Why are we trying to become “something” that another has imposed on us?  Why do we not just trust our internal direction to take us on the journey of being what we truly love?  Why do we not reach deep inside and live our life from a place of divine integrity?  Being just who we are in every moment?…

Our culture has it all screwed up!  That is why!  We have been living and raising our children from a place of fear, lack and need.  “Need” is the only “real sin” on this planet.  We stripped our children of their power and perfection, and taught them to be needy.  We taught them to crave to become something that would make them look special in the eyes of the mass mind at the expense of their joy, fulfillment and true divine success.  It is time to stand in love, inclusion, acceptance and allowance.  To fly free like the hawk.  To allow all children and adults to be real.  To hold each other in a safe place of acceptance, love and gentle compassion.  This is what the human race came here to experience.  If you desire to feel fulfilled, happy, abundant……………… just hold another in absolute, unconditional love and watch how it makes you feel inside.  Live from the truth of your deep internal desire and heal yourself and your world…




My birthday wish today is that you have Divine Remembrance.

That today you discover your true essence.

That you be able to look in the mirror and know your amazing beauty, your divine power, your sweetest attributes.

That you be able to look with the eyes of love like when you look upon the perfect newborn babe. And with those eyes you see your wonder, you rediscover your deepest joy, your precious soul essence.

That today you know yourself as the expression of God that you individuated onto this planet to experience.

I SEE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I ADORE YOU – just as you are.

SHINE Your Light Fearlessly, Beautiful Amazing Soul…



Revealing Cultural Memes #2 – Divine Success


You have to work hard to make a living and climb the ladder of success.”

Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and goals.”

In our culture, we have been indoctrinated with the concept of having the greatest title, making the most money, “one-upping” everyone else, buying the most expensive house/clothes/cars/toys, and just generally feeling “important” based on what we have!

A sad revelation from my hospice nursing career:  I found that many people, when faced with the end of their lives, came face-to-face with all the things that they had accomplished and acquired, only to realize that they were not happy or fulfilled, and any success that they thought they had was a fallacy.

This is a cultural meme that keeps us constantly striving for more.  It is so insidious that we don’t even realize that we are not feeling fulfilled or successful.  We have this internal need to keep trying, but we don’t question what that means, because the indoctrination is so strong to “achieve more”!

Are your desires or ideas of success based on someone else’s ideals?

I would ask you in this moment to stop, take a deep breath and seek inside for any time in your life that makes you feel deeply satisfied, or divinely successful, or sweetly fulfilled.  You may find that it is hard to connect with something that feels this wonderful.  I would encourage you to seek from another angle.

Let me share a few of those times in my life:  The birth of my children brought deep fulfillment and satisfaction to me.  Holding the hand of a dear friend who is emotionally struggling, hugging a stranger who is needing support in the moment, seeing the birth of a live animal, holding a client in the midst of a personal break-through, sitting in silence as I watch the sun set or hear the morning bird song begin, or volunteering my time for a person or animal in need.

Our culture has trapped us into “doing” outside ourselves to seek for fulfillment.  The true, deep fulfillment of the soul comes from “being” our authentic self.  The things that we do when we come from our center, reaching out in love, do not have to be big things – they are fulfilling because they are “real,” “honest,” “feeling” and “supportive.”

You see, we are community creatures.  We didn’t come here to get it all for ourselves.  We came here to relate, and experience our full expression through touching the earth and others.  Our divine success is accomplished through deep, rich emotions.  We are taught to quiet our emotions and just “be nice” when we are around others.  But that is a slow death.  Living is “feeling full out.”  Don’t be afraid to feel……………… feel all of it………….. let the emotions flow.

As Panache Desai says, “It is a miracle to be able to cry.”

I agree with him



Revealing Cultural Memes #1 – Self-Love


Our cultural memes around self-love tell us that it is selfish to love oneself.  They teach that we must sacrifice ourselves for others, put others first, and that it is our job to look after everyone else.  We are taught to please others at all expense, in the hopes of feeling loved in return.

The greatest sin you can commit is to sell yourself out or deny yourself.  You see, you cannot give something that you do not have.  If you have not loved yourself first, nurtured yourself first, given yourself the kindness and support you need first, then you are empty.  And as the saying goes…… you cannot pour from an empty pitcher.

Because most of us are raised in environments that tell us “no,” “that’s not good enough,” “strive harder,” “do more,” we learn – albeit not intentionally by those who raise us – that we are not lovable or worthy of love.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  This feeling of not being enough takes us on a journey of seeking love by doing for others, in the hopes of receiving a little love in return.  Most of us are not even aware of these cultural patterns playing out.

The new story that we need to create and live by is based in the truth that we come here as perfect, whole, divine spirits embarking on a journey to express our God-Nature in physical form.  Each and every one of us is LOVE.  If we knew who we really were, we would never sell ourselves out.  We would bring our grandest version of our biggest dream of who we are on this planet to every moment of our lives.  We would give of ourselves from a space of absolute fullness, acceptance, joy and love.  When we offer ourselves to others from this space, we are nurtured by the very act of giving what we really are…………….. what we came here to express.

Just for today………… look deep inside and see the Being that you came here as.  Not the masks, roles, characters, titles and labels that we have acquired from our childhood upbringings.  See the Divine Being, the Soul, the Essence of Unconditional Love that we all came here as.  Open your heart and hold yourself safely in the arms of the Divine Mother Love.  You deserve to be appreciated, adored, honored and cherished.  Bring that to yourself now and you will be amazed how others see it in you.  Another cannot see your beauty until you see it for yourself.

Holding you in Love, Honor and Peace, Sweet Soul…



Perfect As You Are 20160714

Our culture and media would have us to believe that to have any value we have to — Go to the Right School, Get the Right Job, Earn the Right Amount of Money, Buy the Right Car, Own the Perfect House, and on and on and on. Without all the “Right” things, we amount to nothing.  This is ingrained in us from tiny child up!

I’m here to tell youThat is the Biggest Lie of the Planet.”  The magnificent Universe lies within your very being!  How could you be anything but Complete, Perfect and Whole?  You are made of the same powerful energy of the stars!  You never need to get anything, prove anything, or change anything – you are perfect just as you are!

Keep a watch on yourself today.  If you find yourself looking outside for validation, fulfillment, or to feel complete in some way, remind yourself that there is nothing “out there” that you need to be complete.  Remember that you are the essence of the Universe itself.  There is a quote from “The Course in Miracles” that I love:  “The sun and ocean are as nothing beside what you are.

It is time to remember, Sweet Souls, who we really are.  Time to claim our personal power and realign with the simple, beautiful aspect of our own being.  To be completely present in that, and to bring it fully to our life in every moment will fulfill us in ways we could have never dreamed possible.  I tell you this, because I know it is true.  When I align with my deep, soul essence and bring myself fully to my life, miracles happen, joy abounds and I feel like I am walking on air!  You, too, can experience this, moment to moment, in your own life.

Remember – Sweet Soul – Remember…



20160625 Love Live Fearlessly

Our power lies in being our honest self.  Is it hard for you to be true to yourself in the world that you live in?  Sometimes it is very difficult to BE who we really are.

As children growing up, we were challenged by our parents and teachers to “do more,” “accomplish the tasks,” or “prove ourselves” in some way.  It caused us to feel that our very value as a person depended on those accomplishments.  So we learned to look for ways that we could be appreciated.  We even created situations to “give ourselves away” to others, to feel valued.  But in the end, the temporary validation faded away and we began seeking for the next “hit” of being valued.  This being valued – we paralleled with being loved.  As an adult we are not aware that the seeking for the “hit” is the hidden pattern of the child’s perceived needs.

You don’t have to do anything to be loved!  The very concept that we are seeking to be loved by another is the pattern or story that keeps us trapped.  For if you know the truth about who you really are, you would never seek love from another.  The Truth is that YOU ARE LOVE.  Your fulfillment and joy come from showering the “Love that You are” on others.  You have been on a fruitless journey in search of something that is the innate Truth and expression of your very soul!  You never have to do anything more than just be yourself!

Being who you are is more than enough.  If another being blames you for being inconsiderate for being who you are, it is only because they have not yet experienced the wisdom of being enough themselves.  So they would ask you to give what they think “they are not” or “they do not have.”  Do not take it personally.  Hold them in love, by honoring the wisdom of their perfection, even if they are not yet aware of it.

You are Love.  Being who you are is never a disappointment.  It is the glory and God Opulence of Life itself.

As we become clearer about this divine perfection within us, we are able to easily shower others with this frequency.  Our ability to honor their divine perfection ignites the flame of that frequency within them.


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