Voice Printing

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A Voice Printa recording of the range of notes that your voice expresses as you talk normally – captures your whole Energetic Matrix and creates a visual representation (a graph) of your complete frequency be-ing.


The Voice Print Is A Powerful Portal To Self-Knowledge

A voice print can reveal discrepancies in the body (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) long before physical symptoms begin to show themselves.  Voice printing thus enables early detection and correction of imbalances, well in advance of anything manifesting in the physical body.

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You Hold The Key To Your Healing

There are many different voice print styles, but they all provide frequency patterns of your own personal symphony. They are simple, graphic representations of your energy make-up. You can learn how to read these patterns and determine what frequencies you need to address, to bring your personal resonance back into balance and harmony. Using the voice print, you hold the key to your ongoing health and well-being.


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