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Next Live, On-Line Events – Saturday, May 7th / June 4th / July 2nd / August 6th, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 pm HST (Class times may be amended upon request to accommodate your time zone requirements – contact us at least two weeks in advance if you need to request another class start time)


Benefit from an accumulated more-than-a-century-and-a-quarter of experience, hard-learned lessons and profound inner seeking.  Acquire the tools to fast-track you into a Divine Relationship.  Prepare for a space of deep integrity and self-honesty.  We are eager to share this space of raw, down-to-earth revelation with you.

$150/couple or $80/person

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Frequency Therapy & The Power Of Your Voice

This free presentation explains all about Frequency Therapy and how our voice has the innate power to bring our energetic frequencies into re-alignment and balance.  And this work affects every aspect of who we are – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – nothing is left out.

The seminar covers the basics of energy work, with scientific research results to verify and support this new approach to our well-being.  Starting with her own personal story, Shira brings the attendees into a clear understanding of the energy world which we inhabit, and how we can regain and maintain our health, well-being, happiness and abundance using simple tools and techniques.

This is all about self-empowerment and regaining balance in our lives.  We each hold the power to transform ourself.

NEXT EVENT:  Coming to Waimea / Kamuela, Big Island, Hawaii soooon!!!

We shall be happy to bring this free presentation for your group on The Big Island (or beyond), once “restrictions” are a thing of the past (yes, we shall get there!)  Please contact us to discuss / arrange.



This is a Live, On-Line, 2-Hour Class with an additional Interactive 1-Hour Question-and-Answer session to fully empower you with all the tools you need to address any issue that arises in your body or environment.  It is a powerful class filled with information that can be utilized by anyone!

    • A PDF workbook with the guidelines and instructions for the tools that you receive in the online class.
    • Access to a webpage that will provide audio clips of sounding processes.
    • A guided Daily Chakra Entrainment process to balance and harmonize the chakras.
    • A Birth Note Color Wheel.
    • A comprehensive Frequency Chart that has common health issues related to each chakra, notes for sounding, emotional responses, colors, associated astrological signs, mantras, associated glands and organs, the effect of tones when used on these chakra centers.
  • Guidance on Qigong movements for empowering the chakra centers.

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May 21st / June 18th / July 16th / August 20th, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm HST


Next On-Line Events – “Fundamentals Of Vibrational Medicine Saturday, May 28th / July 23rd / September 24th, 2022 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm HST (Class times may be amended upon request to accommodate your time zone requirements – please contact us at least two weeks in advance if you need to request another class start time)


How Frequency and Vibrational Medicine relates to our worlds and our bodies.

There are a lot of words being “thrown around” in the realm of treatment options these days, words that can be very confusing and hard to understand what they all mean.  Join me in a webinar to clarify the mysteries around Vibrational Medicine and Frequency for Therapy.

This class will explain Vibrational Medicine and Frequency Therapy to help you understand: What it is – How it is used – How you can benefit from it — and it will demystify the language around Alternative, Holistic, and Naturopathic treatments.  Let me help you be well educated in your choices around reclaiming your Vibrant Health and an Abundant way of Life.

Class will include an e-Workbook for later reference to the teachings.

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