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We want your visit here to be a rewarding and informative one.  Please listen to our short Introductory video below.  It will explain where you can find the right items or information about Frequency Therapy and Vibrational Medicine, and thus help to make your visit here successful and empowering…

  • Teaching Videos: – nine short movie clips to explain Vibrational Medicine / Frequency Therapy – altogether, they take less than half an hour to watch (click the first blue button below!)
  • Products: – tools that support harmonizing and aligning your frequencies.
  • Training Classes: – what we teach – how you can learn to record, monitor and support your own energy matrix = Self-Empowerment.
  • Questions? – our Secure Contact Form is on the right (or below if you are using a mobile device).  We love bringing this empowering information to you!  Do please ask about anything you are not clear on.


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Frequency Therapy engages you on a Voyage Of Discovery! – so here we are offering you Eight, Free, Powerfully Informative Videos about Frequency and You — which explain how You constantly interact with Frequency in this Vibrational Universe.  Do you want to learn more about your Energy Centers / Chakras?  If so, just click the blue button on the left!


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The Vibration Station Radio Show

We are now airing a weekly radio show (every Sunday @ 08:00 am and pm EST), where we offer tools and frequency support to listeners, and to guests who bring their personal challenges about Divine Relationships  forward.  We shall also be inviting surprise guests on the show from time to time.  More information on this page



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Please enjoy your stay.  We are here to be of service and to support you on your journey to greater health, joy, abundance and self-empowerment.  As Ram Dass so wisely stated:  “We are all here to walk one another home.”  It is an honor to walk with you – for we are all “…walking our way back home…



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