Training Classes


If you have interest in any class, please contact us directly (Secure Contact Form on each page of this website). 🙏 


Standard Classes

There are two (2) Standard Training Classes being offered at this time – Level One Basics, and Level Two with Advanced Vibrational Processes.

We also hold regular in-person and online seminars about specific elements of Frequency Therapy.

Details on these Standard Classes and Seminars can be found on the following links:


Specialized Classes

We also create Specialized Classes for specific disciplines and modalities, that create added value for your clients and yourself.

Shira has extensive professional training in Vibrational Medicine, Frequency Therapy and Sound Treatment.  She is equipped to teach Frequency Classes to any need or request.  She has over fourteen (14) years of experience, including extensive research, client treatment and deep self-care using frequency.

She can bring any modality that you use into a clearer space, by teaching you tools related to frequency work that will dynamically energize and empower any current process(es) that you are using.

All healing modalities are, at their root, based in frequency, since that is the essence of the Universe.

For information pertaining to this specialty work, please contact Shira via the Secure Contact Form on this page (it comes directly to us), so that we can collaborate with you to add even more benefits for your clients to the expertise you currently express.


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ARE YOU INTERESTED in hosting a class in your area?  Please CONTACT US directly to discuss options, costs, dates, etc.

WE ARE HAPPY TO TRAVEL to bring this powerful work to YOUR region.