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An accumulation of occasional writings by Shira – gentle words to support and inspire you…




Are you experiencing things in your life that you think you aren’t choosing?  Do you work in a meaningless job?  Do you wish you had a loving partner – but just keep ending up with “users” or inconsiderate, shallow people?  Do you want a beautiful home and find your home space brings you down?  I could go on forever!  All these things are a product of the frequency patterns that you are running, most of which were created in you before the age of five or six.  Most of our life reactions shoot out of our unconscious thoughts with lightning speed and “happen” before we can give them a second thought.  This is the way our limbic brain protects us.

Before we hit the age of 5 to 7 years old, we are participating in our world from a deep, “energy connected” space.  Cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton calls this a hypnogogic state.  Both sides of our brain are working together and we are in touch with the “feeling side” of our world.  When we are infants, we have no language – but we respond “truthfully” through our emotional aspects with everything around us.  All forms of learning at these ages occur by rapid download into our unconscious, and they all create information and concepts that will become our guiding lights as “responses” to our outside world.  Since we are still little children, we don’t yet have discernment around the actions of the adults in our world, so the patterns that are being created are based on the limbic brain’s need to protect us and keep us alive.  As you might imagine, many of these deep teachings are distorted, because of our lack of understanding.  As we learn language, we get a deeper training through intellectual understandings.

Around the age of 5-7, a child’s brain shifts and we become “one-side-dominant” – we begin to navigate our world from an intellectual perspective instead of from our deep, feeling perspective.  This is a perspective that was taught to us; it doesn’t stem from our deep knowing, but rather from what we have learned. This “one-side-dominant” aspect continues to drive us to seek our individualization, and we begin to lose the information and feeling that we are all one.  We learn to put more importance on what is happening outside of us instead of on how we are feeling. This teaches us that what is outside is more important, and we begin to lose touch with how we are feeling and focus more on what is expected of us. We take on the journey of “becoming what our parents want us to be,” rather than responding with integrity to our own internal feelings.  This somewhat complicated development sets us up to sell ourselves out.  We jump on the fast-moving train of being #1 in the eyes of others, so that we can feel valued or important in the world.  I know all of this could be a little depressing – except that you can access your unconscious, hidden patterns and change them.

There are many tools.  My favorite is the voice-printing process that I use in my work with clients.  I call this tool “The Window On The Soul,” because the voice print allows us to clearly see the hidden patterns in a graph format.  Then we can use this graph to determine what imbalances your hidden patterns are causing in your world.  We can work with the frequencies and bring you back into harmonic resonance.  To learn more about this tool, you can go to this link on my website and see some free videos that will explain the process.

I help my clients learn how to reclaim their true self and live an authentic life, so they can create “heaven on earth” and feel deep fulfillment and vibrant health in their lives.  When we bring ourselves back into harmonic resonance, we reclaim our vibrant health, embrace our abundance and shine our lights brightly.  This is a space of deep, internal fulfillment, sweet compassion and joy for life.  When we get into personal resonance, we bring our happiness and peace to the planet through our personal expression in everything that we do.  Our purpose is to recreate ourselves in every moment.  We are creating in every moment, so it is truly beneficial for us and our world to do it consciously.  The child came in conscious and connected to the depth of its core, and we taught it to be outwardly directed and make “things” more important than how the child felt.

The time is Now – to reconnect to that within you that will Light You Up! – that which allows You to Live Full Out!



It is a Power Time on the Planet!  Happy New Year!

Now is the time to create the world you want to live in!  For centuries, we humans have said that we want Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance for the world.  I’m not making light of the issues we still have, around all humans having comfort, when I say we are more abundant and happier as a human race than we have ever been before.  I would encourage you to recognize and magnify the things that are good in your life right now.  Have gratitude for what ever feels good in your life at this time.  We have the ability to raise the frequency of our planet and BE the Love, Peace and Joy that we seek in every moment!  I am radiating out the frequencies for you to hold that space in your corner of the world, so we can all experience Heaven On Earth!  

May you be uplifted to experience your grandest expression of your greatest self in this coming year!

Much love and harmony.  🙏





Because our parents were raised to believe that their importance and self-value were based on their skills, titles or intelligence, we were taught that same thing by default.  We believe at some deep, cellular level that we ARE what we do or accomplish.  We often try to do it differently than our parents, even using different language on a surface level, but because we grew up in their energy fields, we learned what they knew and did.  We are often times running the deep patterns that we grew up in, unbeknownst to us.  This happens because most of those hidden frequency patterns were created and recorded in the unconscious mind before we were five or six years old.  In essence, they are running us, and causing us to react to our world, rather than to make a conscious decision. 

This teaching around “being good at our work” is not only debilitating, because it causes us to focus outside of ourselves for our worth, but it also puts us in contention or competition with each other as a human race.  That is detrimental to our species as a whole and also to our individual selves.  You see, when we run a frequency pattern of competition, it is counter to our “Soul’s Agenda” or our “Original Blue-Print,” and this causes a lack of harmony at our core, which creates dis-ease in our physical bodies.

Our physical bodies are a 3-D manifestation that is created from energy and thought.  Thoughts are also a form of energy.  Everything in our universe stems from energy and, as quantum physics has substantiated, our focus on energy affects how that energy responds.  So we are, in essence, creating our world with our focus on certain beliefs, through the energy manifestations.  We don’t give this much thought, often taking our manifested world for granted, and not realizing that we have a lot of control over what is happening in our world. 

Our common belief is that we are experiencing these things in our world, and that they are happening to us.  But on a very deep energy level, we are part of the creation of everything that happens in our world and our life.  How can you tell if you are actually running a different frequency pattern under the surface than you think you are desiring for your life at this time?  Well, it is quite simple.   Is anything happening in your life that you don’t want to happen?  Do you hate your job (but you need the income), all the while you secretly desire to do work that you love?  Do you keep ending up in the same kind of relationships where your partner walks out on you, or uses you, or takes you for granted?  If you keep getting things in your life, that you think you would never want…….there is most likely an underlying frequency pattern running that draws those situations to you without your knowledge about it.  Most of us have areas that we are unconscious in, where these patterns are running our lives and we have no idea it is happening

So, if you find yourself in a place where you are getting a result you don’t want – have hope – because you have the power to change it.  Although most of your frequency patterns are hidden away in your subconscious mind, you can access them and change them.  You do have the ability to change your frequencies and change your life.  Stay tuned, because next week I will talk about shifting your frequencies.   YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF YOUR FREQUENCY PATTERNS.

If you would like to know how to uncover your frequency patterns, you can see a technique I use on some free videos on this website at this link.  I look forward to connecting with you again! 

May your 2019 be filled with conscious, powerful, personal expression.



You Get To Pick Your Life’s Purpose

We have been poisoned by our cultural beliefs and upbringings to believe that our purpose is some “big thing” outside of us that we have to figure out and then follow, in order to feel worthy and important, or of service to the planet.  I am speaking to you today from a deep, personal space that I struggled with for many years.  As a seeker on a deep, spiritual journey, I struggled with “knowing what my purpose was” for a lot of years.  I have come through some really powerful personal experiences that have changed my perspectives around this question.

What if our purpose is actually a moment by moment occurrence in our lives?  What if our purpose is something that we get to pick?  What if our personal expression on this planet is our purpose?  I would encourage you to take these questions inside for deep, personal self-inquiry.

You see, our culture has caused us to outwardly direct our attention, when what we are all really searching for comes from a deep internal connection, first with ourselves and then with others and our planet.  Think about all the accomplishments that you have had in your life, or about how many things you have acquired.  Now ask yourself how many of them hold deep, personal fulfillment for you?  For instance, as soon as you acquire that thing that you wanted so badly…  …now you are onto what is the next thing that you want.  There may be a momentary or short-lived satisfaction, but there is no actual, deep fulfillment in acquiring that thing.  We are also taught not to show our true feelings; “Big boys don’t cry – Don’t get too big for your britches, little girl.”  We were often scolded for being emotional, and learned to hide how we felt and get on with what needed to be done, or give “them” what they wanted.  This has crippled us to being pleasers, followers and victims, when in reality we are all a “light,” the essence of Spirit-God-Universal Power.  Our first energetic signal from the source of our being is expressed as an emotion.  That emotion (e-nergy-in-motion) is the experience of our life force.  It is time to accept and experience everything that we feel and to rejoice in it.  It is time for us to reclaim our grand expression and bring it to the earth so we can truly live full out!!! 

My experience is aligned with the questions I posed earlier in this post.    First, I aspire to living my life from a place of “being on purpose.  This has come from deep inquiry about what actually causes me to feel fully alive.  What causes me to actually connect with the feelings of the others that I am spending time with.  I would offer that the things that light us up or make us feel truly fulfilled are related to touching others’ lives or making a difference on the planet, even if it is just in your back yard.  These things that bring balance, peace, love or needed change to others are also nourishing and uplifting for us in ways that are everlasting.  We are community animals.  We didn’t come to the planet to get it all for ourselves.  Although that is possible, there is plenty enough for everyone to have it all and we are here to experience it all from a place of togetherness.  If any of our fellow humans, animals or the planet are in need or hurting, then something in us is experiencing the frequency of that also.  It can’t be otherwise, because we are all connected.

Now, search deep within yourself to see if you can reclaim the ability to fully feel everything that is happening inside you, and be brave enough to live from that space.  I have been working with the frequency realm for over fifteen years and I know it is possible to shift up our frequency patterns very quickly if we will just apply ourselves to the importance of it.  If you need help getting started on this journey, please reach out and let me know.  I can help you to focus on the areas of frequency that you need to get clear in or bring back into balance.  I’d love to have the opportunity to work with you in reclaiming your personal power and understanding what you are on the planet to express.

May your Holidays be filled with Joyful Expression of your True Divine Self.




We have been sold a real story about stress and how bad it is for us.  We see stress as a killer and useless to our everyday life.  It is time to take a deeper look at what stress really is and how it actually “grows” us, if we can learn how to use wisely.

Stop looking for a way out and look for the right way forward.  That may actually mean experiencing some discomfort, challenge, change and growth.  First, we cannot avoid stress if we live in the world in a physical body.  So making it our enemy sets us up for war.  If we use it as the catalyst that it is, we can learn to adapt and grow using the stress as a tool in the changes.  Stress is an opportunity, and you will either use it to open to new possibility or you will go into resistance and close down. 

Our first experience of stress is when we are birthed onto this planet.  We use stress in that moment to push ourselves into the world.  This is a powerful use of stress.  Our growth and development in life stem from the lessons that life provides us, often involving an element of stress.  The process of growth itself does not happen in a still, calm, inactive space.  It involves movement that utilizes different levels of stress to create movement or growth.  Change is typically unsettling when we believe that our safety or comfort is in “the same old, same old” or “what we can depend on to stay the same.  Sadly, this is what our culture has told us – that our safety lies in boredom or lack of change. 

When we experience stress and are open to using it, we pass milestones in our physical world that are paramount to our spiritual journeys of evolution.  When we are able to do this, we claim new choices and decisions by taking control of our brains and exercising conscious choice over fear or unconscious patterns.  Stress Is A Catalyst for profound growth, change and personal evolution.  Using stress in a healthy way shifts the tension, and channels energy to positive, creative outcomes.




Whether you know it or not, you have FAITH in something. Do you have faith in money, a good job, a special person, a doctor or pills, a perfect home, or perhaps a healthy body?

You create your world based on what you believe you need to feel safe and secure. This is what was is meant by idols or false Gods in the ancient teachings.

Your strength and power lies in the source of your being – that from which you are created. That Source is the ONE lasting aspect of all of creation. Some people call it the power of the universe, some people call it the love of God, some people call it unconditional love, some people call it the Great Spirit, or even Heaven on Earth. It matters NOT what you call it. It only matters that you align with this unchanging source and live in the truth of it.

When you begin to understand that our childhood teachings have chained us to temporary, unimportant illusions, then you can begin to see the path of your Source. When we align with this power, we live in integrity and clarity and we serve the planet with our personal gifts.

Take the time to sit with what you have put your faith in today. Then sit in the internal silence to know what is your true Source…



Mele Kalikimaka!

You were born knowing everything. When you were born, you came complete with all of your truth and wisdom. You have nothing to learn. The only journey that you need to take is the journey of remembrance.

As a tiny infant you came in complete, whole, perfect and aligned with the wisdom of the ages. All the training that you received between birth and approximately 6-7 years of age served to disconnect you from the wisdom and your personal truth. Your well-meaning but confused parents, teachers and clergy taught you “their way” of how to become a responsible, rule-abiding adult so that you could function on the planet. Sadly, “their way” was broken and taught to them by people who had been poisoned by cultural memes for centuries. The human race has been teaching these disempowering, fear-based memes and doctrines for eons. They were unable to teach anything else, because they didn’t know any better.

Now, we know better. We have slowly been waking up to the debilitating stories and teachings that have run the mass mind for many centuries, and we are remembering our true essence and the loving powerful beings that we ARE! The truth is that you are a Light of Love. You came here to be Love, not Fear. This love, when it is lived from the heart center, will make you healthy, joyful, peaceful and fulfilled. It is time to begin to focus on the true essence of who you are and BE that beautiful soul in every moment of your life.

To live with purpose, love and peace in every moment is not only nurturing and uplifting to everyone and everything in your life and on this planet, but it will heal you of all incoherent imbalances in your body and your life. The frequencies on the planet are fully supporting the shift from Fear to Love at this time. This is the best time in our lives to align with our true nature and BE what we love and aspire to. Take the time now to Remember Who You Really Are, Why You Came To The Planet, And What You Want To Do About It!



There Are No Mistakes

In the depth of your being, you are perfect.  What you perceive yourself to be is what your mind “thinks” you are.  These thoughts are based on all of the stories and ideas that you were taught about yourself and the world as a small child.  Your thoughts are how you view the world.

Do you ever wonder how it is that someone else can look at you and see a genius, a teacher, a wise one, or perhaps they just think or see that you are beautiful.  In your mind you have trouble understanding why they think that, or you might even think that you might have them fooled.  They are just seeing you through the eyes of Love (God / Universal Power).  They don’t have the same thoughts as you, so they see something that is different.

The interesting thing is that you both are right…  Oh, and by the way, there is no right or wrong.  Again, just concepts of the mind…  “As a man thinketh, so is he.

Each and every one of us see the world through our filters and beliefs.  These filters are set in our unconscious mind and run the show, until we can become aware in the moment.  When we become aware, we can see the effects of the filters and change the way we see the world.  When that perspective changes, so does our world.  The thoughts of the human mind create what we call the mistake or the problem in our life.  What would it be if you chose to see it as an opportunity, to learn something new, or change how you react, or stop and ask a question, instead of letting your mind think the thought, ”I have a problem“?

I know your world is fast-paced, and it is easy to let the mind tell you what it thinks.  Now I ask you, “Is ‘easy’ creating joy, peace and comfort in your life?”  Because the truth is…  joy, peace and comfort are thoughts of the mind, too.  It is just as easy to create that in your world as it is to create a problem.  Learn to control the thoughts of your mind, and make this your mantra in place of the old mantra that creates the problem.

When you can change your thought, you begin to function from a place of wisdom.



Higher Consciousness

It is very interesting to me that life is set up to be happy, loving, fulfilling and complete. Yet we as human organisms spend most of our lives trying to feel the experience of these things that are innate in our own beingness and in the cosmos itself. What is it that we are missing that tells us we are not experiencing the magic and greatness of our “life”?

The truth is that we ARE the fullness and completeness of DIVINITY. Sadly, our training as a small child has set a tape-recording-of-life in motion that created blinders for us. These blinders hide the true nature of who we are in exchange for the teachings of: “Life is tough and you have to work hard for the money,” – “Only the strongest survive,” – “Either you are the winner or you are a loser.” And ps: there is only one Winner, so everyone else is the Loser. Regardless of how much personal will, staunch strength or Pollyanna happiness you use to try to create the perfect world, you will default to the subconscious beliefs, until you begin to truly see them and become conscious that you are actually in control of what you think, if you chose to be.

This is a tough one for some people.  I have even heard people say, “I can’t help it, that is just how I feel!” Well I am going to shine the light on something for you here.  If you are ready to expand into higher consciousness, you will be able to hear this.  If you can’t hear it………..I love you just the same and I know that you are perfect, exactly as you are in this moment.  There are no accidents and there are no coincidences.  We are all living our lives just as we chose to and that is perfect in every moment.

So, I just gave you the answer, but let me say it in another way!


You are choosing in every moment, how to feel, how act, how to live and how to experience your life. Yes Yes Yes. If you think in this moment………..”that is crap”…….”I wouldn’t choose this”………..think again.  On some level (perhaps not in awareness for you), you are choosing this experience in your life.  For example: Perhaps your soul is trying to have the experience of abundance, so lack is showing up as a contrast, so that you can make a choice to feel abundance.  Once you have an awareness of what you don’t want, you can choose something different.

I know, I know! – You say…………….”COME ON!…………..I don’t have a million bucks, so I am not rich!”  I ask you…………”you’re not rich…”  Is that true?  What is “rich“?  This is often times where the misalignment happens.  Our concept of rich is based on a fearful upbringing of our parents “trying to have it all.”   Our cultural teachings make us think that “rich” is having a lot of money, a lot of “stuff,” a big title, a fancy car, a visually beautiful mate, and on and on and on.

Now, I ask you…….do you personally know a CEO, President or Vice President of a company? (you know…..someone who “has it all“?)  Are they truly happy and joyful in their life?  Did becoming the CEO heal their stomach ulcer or chronic headaches? Aha!……… we are getting somewhere.  Our perceptions of happiness, our childhood indoctrinations, have us confused about what it truly is to be fulfilled, whole, joyful, empowered and complete.  Our addictive, fearful programming makes it impossible for us to live happy, loving, peaceful, conscious, wise and effective lives.

The truth is that attempting to change the people or the world outside of you to support your addictive desires, or even to create a happy, fulfilling, loving life, is nothing more than a recipe for more pain, suffering and emptiness.

If you want to experience a higher evolved loving conscious abundant life then…


You truly are everything that you think you are missing, lacking, needing or desiring.

Take a moment to be completely grateful for whatever it is that you have in this moment.  Gratitude is the fast way to the top of your mountain!  Begin to see the joy in every aspect of your being.  Does your body function well?  Did you have a cup of coffee and breakfast to eat this morning?  Did you pay your electric bill this month?  Do you have running water in your house?  Do you have good drinking water?

Do you know how amazing all of these simple things in life truly are?……………or have you possibly dropped into a space of thinking those things are not important?  After all………”I have all of those things and have had for many years…”

Do you know how many people on the planet don’t have them?  What isRich“?  Go inside and sit with that question.  Look for a new answer.  Don’t default to the old database teaching.  Pick something new.






Revealing Cultural Memes #3 –

You have to have A Title or A Powerful Label to be Important


Wildlife and the earth have so much to teach us, if we will just “see” the message.  Creatures of all kinds move through their lives “being” all that they came here to be.  Not to get attention from another creature, or to prove that they can, or to look good in the eyes of another, nor even to feel loved by another.  They play out their personal gifts in integrity as the animal that they are.  They live life fully and without condemnation of any kind.  They do not look to their tribes to see how they are supposed to act or feel.  They dance in their world in the truth of what and who they are.

Do you ever wonder why we, “the human race,” can’t seem to do that?  Why is it that we are trying to do what our parents, clergy, teachers and others tell us?  Why are we trying to become “something” that another has imposed on us?  Why do we not just trust our internal direction to take us on the journey of being what we truly love?  Why do we not reach deep inside and live our life from a place of divine integrity?  Being just who we are in every moment?…

Our culture has it all screwed up!  That is why!  We have been living and raising our children from a place of fear, lack and need.  “Need” is the only “real sin” on this planet.  We stripped our children of their power and perfection, and taught them to be needy.  We taught them to crave to become something that would make them look special in the eyes of the mass mind at the expense of their joy, fulfillment and true divine success.  It is time to stand in love, inclusion, acceptance and allowance.  To fly free like the hawk.  To allow all children and adults to be real.  To hold each other in a safe place of acceptance, love and gentle compassion.  This is what the human race came here to experience.  If you desire to feel fulfilled, happy, abundant……………… just hold another in absolute, unconditional love and watch how it makes you feel inside.  Live from the truth of your deep internal desire and heal yourself and your world…




My birthday wish today is that you have Divine Remembrance.

That today you discover your true essence.

That you be able to look in the mirror and know your amazing beauty, your divine power, your sweetest attributes.

That you be able to look with the eyes of love like when you look upon the perfect newborn babe. And with those eyes you see your wonder, you rediscover your deepest joy, your precious soul essence.

That today you know yourself as the expression of God that you individuated onto this planet to experience.

I SEE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I ADORE YOU – just as you are.

SHINE Your Light Fearlessly, Beautiful Amazing Soul…



Revealing Cultural Memes #2 – Divine Success


You have to work hard to make a living and climb the ladder of success.”

Being successful means the achievement of desired visions and goals.”

In our culture, we have been indoctrinated with the concept of having the greatest title, making the most money, “one-upping” everyone else, buying the most expensive house/clothes/cars/toys, and just generally feeling “important” based on what we have!

A sad revelation from my hospice nursing career:  I found that many people, when faced with the end of their lives, came face-to-face with all the things that they had accomplished and acquired, only to realize that they were not happy or fulfilled, and any success that they thought they had was a fallacy.

This is a cultural meme that keeps us constantly striving for more.  It is so insidious that we don’t even realize that we are not feeling fulfilled or successful.  We have this internal need to keep trying, but we don’t question what that means, because the indoctrination is so strong to “achieve more”!

Are your desires or ideas of success based on someone else’s ideals?

I would ask you in this moment to stop, take a deep breath and seek inside for any time in your life that makes you feel deeply satisfied, or divinely successful, or sweetly fulfilled.  You may find that it is hard to connect with something that feels this wonderful.  I would encourage you to seek from another angle.

Let me share a few of those times in my life:  The birth of my children brought deep fulfillment and satisfaction to me.  Holding the hand of a dear friend who is emotionally struggling, hugging a stranger who is needing support in the moment, seeing the birth of a live animal, holding a client in the midst of a personal break-through, sitting in silence as I watch the sun set or hear the morning bird song begin, or volunteering my time for a person or animal in need.

Our culture has trapped us into “doing” outside ourselves to seek for fulfillment.  The true, deep fulfillment of the soul comes from “being” our authentic self.  The things that we do when we come from our center, reaching out in love, do not have to be big things – they are fulfilling because they are “real,” “honest,” “feeling” and “supportive.”

You see, we are community creatures.  We didn’t come here to get it all for ourselves.  We came here to relate, and experience our full expression through touching the earth and others.  Our divine success is accomplished through deep, rich emotions.  We are taught to quiet our emotions and just “be nice” when we are around others.  But that is a slow death.  Living is “feeling full out.”  Don’t be afraid to feel……………… feel all of it………….. let the emotions flow.

As Panache Desai says, “It is a miracle to be able to cry.”

I agree with him



Revealing Cultural Memes #1 – Self-Love


Our cultural memes around self-love tell us that it is selfish to love oneself.  They teach that we must sacrifice ourselves for others, put others first, and that it is our job to look after everyone else.  We are taught to please others at all expense, in the hopes of feeling loved in return.

The greatest sin you can commit is to sell yourself out or deny yourself.  You see, you cannot give something that you do not have.  If you have not loved yourself first, nurtured yourself first, given yourself the kindness and support you need first, then you are empty.  And as the saying goes…… you cannot pour from an empty pitcher.

Because most of us are raised in environments that tell us “no,” “that’s not good enough,” “strive harder,” “do more,” we learn – albeit not intentionally by those who raise us – that we are not lovable or worthy of love.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  This feeling of not being enough takes us on a journey of seeking love by doing for others, in the hopes of receiving a little love in return.  Most of us are not even aware of these cultural patterns playing out.

The new story that we need to create and live by is based in the truth that we come here as perfect, whole, divine spirits embarking on a journey to express our God-Nature in physical form.  Each and every one of us is LOVE.  If we knew who we really were, we would never sell ourselves out.  We would bring our grandest version of our biggest dream of who we are on this planet to every moment of our lives.  We would give of ourselves from a space of absolute fullness, acceptance, joy and love.  When we offer ourselves to others from this space, we are nurtured by the very act of giving what we really are…………….. what we came here to express.

Just for today………… look deep inside and see the Being that you came here as.  Not the masks, roles, characters, titles and labels that we have acquired from our childhood upbringings.  See the Divine Being, the Soul, the Essence of Unconditional Love that we all came here as.  Open your heart and hold yourself safely in the arms of the Divine Mother Love.  You deserve to be appreciated, adored, honored and cherished.  Bring that to yourself now and you will be amazed how others see it in you.  Another cannot see your beauty until you see it for yourself.

Holding you in Love, Honor and Peace, Sweet Soul…



Perfect As You Are 20160714

Our culture and media would have us to believe that to have any value we have to — Go to the Right School, Get the Right Job, Earn the Right Amount of Money, Buy the Right Car, Own the Perfect House, and on and on and on. Without all the “Right” things, we amount to nothing.  This is ingrained in us from tiny child up!

I’m here to tell youThat is the Biggest Lie of the Planet.”  The magnificent Universe lies within your very being!  How could you be anything but Complete, Perfect and Whole?  You are made of the same powerful energy of the stars!  You never need to get anything, prove anything, or change anything – you are perfect just as you are!

Keep a watch on yourself today.  If you find yourself looking outside for validation, fulfillment, or to feel complete in some way, remind yourself that there is nothing “out there” that you need to be complete.  Remember that you are the essence of the Universe itself.  There is a quote from “The Course in Miracles” that I love:  “The sun and ocean are as nothing beside what you are.

It is time to remember, Sweet Souls, who we really are.  Time to claim our personal power and realign with the simple, beautiful aspect of our own being.  To be completely present in that, and to bring it fully to our life in every moment will fulfill us in ways we could have never dreamed possible.  I tell you this, because I know it is true.  When I align with my deep, soul essence and bring myself fully to my life, miracles happen, joy abounds and I feel like I am walking on air!  You, too, can experience this, moment to moment, in your own life.

Remember – Sweet Soul – Remember…



20160625 Love Live Fearlessly

Our power lies in being our honest self.  Is it hard for you to be true to yourself in the world that you live in?  Sometimes it is very difficult to BE who we really are.

As children growing up, we were challenged by our parents and teachers to “do more,” “accomplish the tasks,” or “prove ourselves” in some way.  It caused us to feel that our very value as a person depended on those accomplishments.  So we learned to look for ways that we could be appreciated.  We even created situations to “give ourselves away” to others, to feel valued.  But in the end, the temporary validation faded away and we began seeking for the next “hit” of being valued.  This being valued – we paralleled with being loved.  As an adult we are not aware that the seeking for the “hit” is the hidden pattern of the child’s perceived needs.

You don’t have to do anything to be loved!  The very concept that we are seeking to be loved by another is the pattern or story that keeps us trapped.  For if you know the truth about who you really are, you would never seek love from another.  The Truth is that YOU ARE LOVE.  Your fulfillment and joy come from showering the “Love that You are” on others.  You have been on a fruitless journey in search of something that is the innate Truth and expression of your very soul!  You never have to do anything more than just be yourself!

Being who you are is more than enough.  If another being blames you for being inconsiderate for being who you are, it is only because they have not yet experienced the wisdom of being enough themselves.  So they would ask you to give what they think “they are not” or “they do not have.”  Do not take it personally.  Hold them in love, by honoring the wisdom of their perfection, even if they are not yet aware of it.

You are Love.  Being who you are is never a disappointment.  It is the glory and God Opulence of Life itself.

As we become clearer about this divine perfection within us, we are able to easily shower others with this frequency.  Our ability to honor their divine perfection ignites the flame of that frequency within them.


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