Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Shira joins forces again with Michele Meiche on “Awakenings,” BlogTalk Radio on Wednesday, October 18th @ approx. 09:45 am HST / 12:45 pm PDT (show starts at 09:00 am HST / 12:00 pm PDT).

“The Frequency Of THINGS, The Frequency Of YOU, and The POWER You Hold”

This Is a show you will want to hear!  Access the recording here.


October 5th 2016 – “Save Me, Sage Me”

An interview with Shira on Metaphysical Talk Radio (, first aired on Wednesday, October 5th, 2016, by Inger Purifory.  This was the prelude to the start of our own radio show, on MTR (Metaphysical Talk Radio).



 March 18th 2016 – “A Fine Time For Healing”

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An opportunity to hear Shira explain about frequency therapy, how she dramatically became involved with this fundamental mode of healing, and to learn how it underpins everything we are and do – because everything that manifests here always begins its creation in the realm of frequency / energy.  Shira’s process is a simple portal to first seeing (quite literally) and then changing your whole energy matrix, in order to bring any manifested imbalances back into healthy and happy alignment.  This is the way to shift every aspect of your life, your world.


March 17th 2016 – “B.I.Z. Info Show”

Hear Shira and V Lynn Hawkins discuss how Frequency Therapy, which creates harmonic balance, affects every aspect of Life, including supporting the creative process, thus promoting leadership and its ensuing business success.


February 2nd, 2016 – “What Is The Positive?

Roland Takaoka (R & D Hotline) had Shira as a guest on his weekly show, explaining about Frequency and the way we are all affected by it – and how to turn that to our advantage, rather than face it as a challenge.  She also brought forward useful tools to help get in touch with our real emotions and the energy (frequency) behind them…

WITP 20160202 #2


Awakenings” with Michele Meiche

MM facial 20160120 framed

Recorded: Wednesday, January, 20th, 2016

Wise Words from Shira & Michele Meiche on “Awakenings” (BlogTalk Radio) about the present Energetic Re-Alignment that we are all experiencing right now.  Shira comes into the program around 01:01:50.  Some Vibrationally Soundspecials” were also unveiled during this airing!


Shira shared myriad Frequency Tools during
a Q & A interview with Michele Meiche
on “Awakenings,” Blog Talk Radio

Michele M AD 20150930

Recorded: Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
Shira comes on about 45 minutes into the recording
Apologies for the “Intro Advertisement” – it only lasts about 20 seconds!  🙁 

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Awakenings with Michele Meiche on BlogTalkRadio 


Wisdom & Intuition Network” with Kazzy Holbrook & Shira Hunt (guest speaker):
(broadcast September 9th, 2015)

Kazzy Website WIN Network REDUCED

You can listen to the recording of this live call here!
There are also presentation slides associated with this seminar.


The Difference Makers” w/Lynn Sanders, Roland Takaoka & Shira Hunt (guest speaker):
(broadcast August 27th, 2015)

Heal Yourself Through Your Voice – Vibrational Medicine


MicheleMeiche interviews

The links below are the radio interviews that Michele Meiche did with me from California on Awakenings Radio.

Vibrational Medicine Interview Part 1

Vibrational Medicine Interview Part 2

June 2014 – Interview with Awakenings Radio and Michele Meiche


Thank you, Becky Meagher, with Transitions TV.

Becky invited me on the TV show in 2013.  We taped two episodes and I had a great time sharing the Vibrational Medicine work with Becky and her audience.

Transitions – Body, Mind, Spirit – Part 1

Transitions – Body, Mind, Spirit – Part 2

Enjoy the shows!!