Frequency Match-Making

fingesr touching cropped


Do you ever wonder why the hairs stand up on the back of your neck?  Or have you ever entered a room and had the sense that something or someone in the room was making you feel uneasy?  Have you ever met someone that you just know…. you really like them…. and don’t have a clue why?  Well, here is a solid scientific piece of evidence to explain these sensations.

Our bodies are vibration.  Every major process in our body has a vibrational pattern that creates a frequency.  These frequencies affect each other.  If you have a large amount of a frequency in your pattern and someone else in the room has the same frequency in abundance, it can be a total irritation or turn-off for you.  You have more than enough of that frequency and you don’t need it.

Do you know how a singer can break a glass with a powerful note?  It isn’t just about the volume of the note.  This happens because the singer is projecting the “exact” frequency of the glass. She brings in so much of the frequency that the pattern becomes overwhelmed and unstable, and shatters.  This is the feeling that makes you uncomfortable if there is too much of a frequency in your presence that you already have in your physical body.

Conversely, if someone has the opposite frequency of yours and you have a depletion of that frequency, you will actually be drawn to it.  It will feel comforting or nurturing to you, and you will want to be close to it.  Our frequencies mix, merge and repel on a regular basis.  It is a great tool to know how to find your own frequency patterns.  The voice print or vocal profiling can give you a read out of your frequencies.  Who knows…….. someday someone may be “match making” by bringing together opposite-frequency-patterned people…