Reviews & Testimonials

Below are some reviews and testimonials from attendees at various classes and seminars, and from some of our clients.  Let us help You with your challenges and regaining harmony in your life:

“…I have to say the (” Eyes Of Light“) CD has helped me and many others. The frequency tracks are profound and have assisted so many of my clients to shift, change and heal. Thank you for what you do.  PK”   Therapist, Client and Class Attendee;  July 27, 2018

“…One of the best workshops I’ve been to on Big Island.  Thank You…”  Attendee at “Divine Relationships” seminar;  November 12th , 2017

…I am amazed by the huge effect one session with Shira has had.  Her voiceprints are deep readings of the personality that allowed me to see myself clearer, to accept who I really am and to be aware of the issues I need to deal with.  Her sound-healing treated my system in a gentle and nurturing way – and the effect stays with me, even now three months later.  The individualized soundtrack was a great support in the beginning, and after a while I felt that my body had absorbed the sounds and kept them working within me.  It has had a profound effect on my throat-chakra, opening up for my own sounding, so I can continue the healing process on my own, and it has strengthened me in my own life to make the decisions that are good for me and keep moving forward.

I came to Hawaii for healing, and meeting Shira was one of the best things that could have happened to me there.  She is such a gentle, open being that sees everything clearly without judging.  To me, that is the greatest quality a therapist can have.  Together with George, they make a field of love, trust and joy that is truly nurturing.  The work they do bridging spirituality and science is groundbreaking.  I recommend them to anyone ready to make a shift in their lives…”   Mira K, Denmark, September 2017

“…I have always known that music was a healing force, but had NO idea just how healing.  It has opened my world immensely!!…”  “…What a fantastic, magical and enjoyable evening.  I was like a kid in an energetic candy store…”  “…What a powerful night!  I have never experienced anything like this in my lifetime.  My body is still vibrating, in a great way!  Felt so good to release emotions I was holding on to…”  “…Wonderful presentation!  Fabulous experience.  Much learning and healing happened…”  Share The Light MeetUp Group In-Depth Intensive on Frequency Tools, September 2016

“…Shira is a gift in this world.  Her compassion is the perfect companion to her intuition.  She is a thought leader and humble teacher.  Her guidance has greatly influenced my life and how I move through the world.  Shira radiates Light and Love to every soul she graces!”  2016 Client and Level 1 Class attendee

“…Wonderful!  So very interesting and such an amazing story.  Thank You!…”  “…Got me very inspired to pursue this work!…”  “…Thanks so much!  I look forward to learning more!…”  Free Intro Class attendees, September 2016

“…I really enjoyed the visuals, and the audio examples and methods…”  Free 1-Hour Intro Class June 2016

“…Shira has been a true blessing in teaching me what I need to feel better.  I can’t say thank you enough.  I wish you much success in helping other people.  She has opened my eyes to the body’s ability.  Thank you again…” 05/21/2015 Client

“…Amazing session, highly recommend.  Very knowledgable, shared personal experiences and the information received was spot on.  I left with a detailed analysis of what was going on, and the most important part — the clear action steps of how to help it…”  05/02/2015 Client

”...Amazing class!  Very informative and approachable.  Shira is a power-house!  Thank You!…”  11/01/2014 Intro Class

“…This was a clear overview…  …really felt comfortable & enjoyed the entire experience…”  July 2014 1-Hour Introductory Class

“…Fantastic class and information!  Thank you so much…”  Level One Class  June 2014

“…Wonderful little intro class. I enjoyed it very much.  Thank You!…”  Free 1-Hour Intro Class March 2014

“…Of course, I want to know more! but for a 1-hr Intro session, I thought this was great!  Thank you…”  Free 1-Hour Intro Class March 2014

“…it was very informational (started off w/baseline education and stemmed from there)…  …the Powerpoint reinforced the material very well (I’m more visual)…   it was great – very vibrant and inviting…  …I learned about therapies I never previously even heard of and really enjoyed it…”  GCI Intro class; February 2014

“...Awesome!  Loved it!…”  GCI Intro class; February 2014

“…I really enjoyed it.  I thoroughly enjoyed Shira – awesome and captivating…”  GCI Intro class; February 2014

“…very interesting…  …want more 🙂 …  …fun and energetic…”  GCI Intro class; February 2014

“…Over the last couple of months I’ve taken healing touch classes and practiced regularly on friends. It has been a beautiful experience for me, but a few days ago I went to Shira totally depleted. I didn’t know why. Having a history as a healing touch practitioner herself, she surmised that I’d been passing on more healing energy than I’d been receiving. Her vibrational voice analysis seemed to confirm this, so she put me on her table and treated me to a crystal bowl symphony. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed and Shira told me she felt my energy would be replenished if I listened to the meditations on the CD she sent home with me. I listened in the car on the way home and again during the evening. I went to bed early feeling more relaxed but still very tired. When I woke up at my usual 3am, I decided to get up and listen to the meditations again– figuring they’d help me back to sleep. Boy, was I surprised! After listening to the meditations I sat for a few minutes to come back to reality. That’s when I felt pressure on the top of my head followed by a cascade of loving energy that suffused my body head to toe. For the next several minutes, the energy came in waves and then gradually subsided. I felt completely refreshed and deeply grateful. What a beautiful rejuvenating experience. Today I’m feeling good as new. And I’m still grateful!…”  January 2014 client

“…Your beautiful work brought me the healing I needed! Truly amazing! Thank you so much, Shira.…”  Sherry  1-12-14  client

“…Thank you for a very informative and beneficial class.  I really enjoyed the day.  I am amazed at the possibilities that your material offers.  Powerful Class….”   9/20/2014 Level 1 Class

“…THANK YOU!! – This was great and I am glad I had a chance to experience it first-hand…”  08/18/12 Level 1 Class

“…great deal of useful information and Shira presented it in an easy to understand and entertaining way…” Healing Touch International Annual Symposium Class

“…excellent information regarding sound, notes, etc…” Healing Touch International Annual Symposium Class

“…Thanks for an amazing experience this afternoon, I’m looking forward to learning more and continuing my journey with your guidance and caring! You are appreciated!…”   MaryAnna 1/1/14

“…Awesome! – need more than three hours of instruction – AWESOME!…” Healing Touch International Annual Symposium Class

“…well presented, well organized…” Healing Touch International Annual Symposium Class

“…found the sound affecting cancer cells fascinating…” Healing Touch International Annual Symposium Class

“…great class – informative, good pace, practical hands-on demo, presenter was confident, knowledgeable and enjoyable to learn from…” Healing Touch International Annual Symposium Class

“…amazing teacher, beautiful voice, great demo – 5 stars!…”  Healing Touch International Annual Symposium Class

“…so very interesting – all the information made sense – Shira communicates in a manner that you can understand – I enjoyed this very much…”  4/28/12 Intro class

“…Love your spirit!  Blessings!…”  4/28/12 Intro class

“… I will forever be thankful for the vibrant health that was restored using this work.  Shira is so loving and supportive, I feel anything is possible with her help.  Profound work…”  Brenda – client 6-2-13

“…thank you so much for your helpful information and positive spirit…”  4/28/12 Intro class