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Here you will find random thoughts, observations, experiential comments – the wheat and chaff of Life – shared from the heart

Shira encouraged (!) me to set up this page, to share the various “upwellings” that I receive occasionally on this sometimes-tumultuous journey through Life. What follows is the result. As it says above, they are shared from the heart. If you find anything below which supports or stimulates you on your own journey here, then I am satisfied – and if you get really fired up, the Secure Contact Form is on the right (below on mobile devices!), plus there’s also a “Comments” section if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page!!

Journey Well, Dear Reader!

P.S:  What follows below was originally a posting from 01/13/16, but it has become such a powerful part of my daily life, both to myself and everyone who enters my world, that I decided to make it an integral part of this opening text – because it applies to You, too, now that you are here.  🙏🏼   Please read it (i.e. feel it) with your heart, not just your head…

Just As You Are – I Love You – Always…




These two quotations caught my eye this morning…

1) It’s usually a dirt road that leads to the diamond mine… (Tut’s Notes)

2) Every increased possession loads us with a new weariness… (John Ruskin)

They both seem apposite for our current place in time and space.

Aloha.  🙏 ❤️ 🤙🏼 xoxoxoxox




I found this short article immensely enlightening — and thought-provoking…

“…SPROUTING HOPE: In the Redwood forests of California, recent wildfires and drought conditions prompted fears that many two-thousand-year-old, charred trees wouldn’t recover. Surprisingly instead, and to researchers’ amazement, resilient new growth is shooting out of the blackened ground. Carbon dating of the fresh boughs revealed “the average age of the sugar molecules was 21 years—meaning the tree was using energy it generated over two decades ago to power new growth.” We have a lot to learn from these slow-growing giants!…”

And I find that to be so, so true for all of Nature. Instead of thinking we’re so $#&@! almightily “clever,” we’d do well to slow down and observe the myriad, healthy lessons on Living that the natural world around us demonstrates on a daily basis. And it does this not for “profit,” but because it supports and celebrates Life. As Galileo Galilei wisely stated: “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.

Let us all start to celebrate and support Life in all its forms (and one another), rather than see it all as “stuff” for our indiscriminate use and abuse…

🙏 ❤️ 🙏




A couple of reworked sayings came into my awareness over the past several days, as part of my internal work:

I’ll see it when I believe it;  I’ll be it when I know it.

I am a wave-crest of Awareness on an Ocean of Consciousness.

🙏 ❤️ 🙏



Not to decide is to decide.
What you are not changing, you are choosing…

🙏 ❤️ 🙏



The Energies Of Unity…

Some more wise words from Matt Kahn:

“…All too often, when taking sides in an argument, we are furthering a divide in a world destined to unite…”



Thought For Today:

When you boil it all down to basics, everything is either Love or A Cry For Love.
If humanity lived with that constant awareness, Life would change overnight — and it all, always, starts inside, with us…



Love Is All…

This flowed from my fingers this morning, and I want to share its energy and direction…
“…Keep your focus on Life!!  The Joy Of Life!  The Love that Is Life.  Nothing else matters.  Nothing else but Love, which is The Frequency Of Life, really does anything.  Love is above all, Love creates All, Love Is All.  Be Love and Radiate Love.  All Is Well…”
Aloha. 😃 🙏 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox

P.S: and then shortly afterwards I read, on HeartMath’s website (, the following:

“…We are at the dawn of recognizing Love as the new transformational intelligence…”

Right On!!  😃 👍🏻



Wholeness and Heart Pain…

“...Did you know that your heart doesn’t hurt because it’s too open?  It hurts when overwhelmed by the pain of the world that you don’t know how to help.  Mainly because we have been conditioned to view help as making something stop, instead of offering the companionship that reminds ourselves and others that we are never alone.  Even just by lovingly holding yourself through the pain you cannot avoid or deny, you are equally sending love to all hearts to remind each person how safe it is to open up and let love in.

In this new year, may we love ourselves more, not less, which equally supports the healing of all throughout the sum of the whole…

Big Mahalos to Matt Kahn for this wisdom in his latest newsletter.  We are all, each and every one of us, an integral, indivisible part of The Whole. Any separation is an illusion.  Quantum physics has already proved this.  Read Deepak Chopra’s piece (“Is Wholeness Really A Choice?,” chapter 21, pg. 157) in the book “Our Moment Of Choice” (ISBN 9-781582-707624 — Atria Books) concerning whether we have any “choice” about being “in wholeness” or not.  It is time to live as though we (know we) are One.  A sea-change in human thinking and acting…

Happy New Year and Aloha, Angel.   😃 🙏 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



Love has no “dress code”…

Love has no “dress code.”  It wholly accepts and embraces all without fear or favour.  It is without any “conditions.”

Anything else is Fear, in one of its many dis-guises.  If you hear an “if,” “when,” “but,” “except” or any other limiting parameter, it is not Love; it’s some form of Fear.

May your New 2022 Year be filled with Love and loving choices all the way.  Let’s BE the Love and the Light we came here to express.  Just Be your best, and Love Yourself first and foremost.  It all starts inside, Angel.  Then it radiates out from you.  Then you can share Love with everyone else.  Everyone (including you!) is doing the best they can, given their picture of the world.

Aloha, Angel.  Happy Holidays. 😃 🙏 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxox



How Life Works…

A timely comment from Matt Kahn.

Of late, I can so readily identify with this.  My sense is that Life can sometimes be like a pendulum — we have to head over into the “dark side” (our perception of an area of lower frequencies) and experience those energies, in order to “learn our next lesson,” which then (hopefully!) propels us back into a realm of higher frequencies (which we see as “the Light.”)  And we are always at choice how long we linger in that arena of low(er) frequencies.

Any other ways of seeing / experiencing this phenomenon???…



Some beautiful, wise words from Anita Moorjani today…

We are all wealthy people when we can be grateful for things that we do not own.”

Happy Weekend and Aloha. 😃 🙏 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



The Lesser Of Two Evils…

There’s an old saying:  When faced with the lesser of two evils, choose neither.  Raised in a duality consciousness, one might think that it is a silly saying; that one has to choose one “evilor the other.  In duality consciousness, “Those are the options.

Let’s move into unity consciousness for a moment and revisit this.  In Unity Consciousness, we are exhorted to fully love ourself, as the primary task to be-coming the Love we truly are.  You cannot pour water from an empty pitcher.  A one hundred per cent I Love Me thus enables the utmost outpouring of I Love You, and since in Unity, I Am You and You Are Me and We Are One, then I Love You = I Love Me = I/We Are Love.

In Ubuntu, there is a saying:  If it’s not good for all, then it’s no good at all.”  Compare that to the first saying concerning two evils.  It follows the same logic.  Do not choose anything that is not Love or is not good for All.  Somewhere a better — the best! — solution awaits in this one hundred per cent infinite Universe.  Our task is to seek out that best solution in every case…



Our Creative Energy

I read a statement this morning that really pressed my “Ah-hah — yessss!” button…

“…Focusing on anything gives your mind an instruction to create or attract more of it…” (Bill Harris)

So if you are worrying about something (focussing on it), or dreaming about something (focussing on it), the nett result is the same.  Which is why placebos work so well, solely using the creative power of our own belief, and also why a poor medical diagnosis or a voodoo curse affect us the way they do — also known as a nocebo, the opposite of a placebo. The dictionary sets out quite clearly how a nocebo works…

Nocebo — a detrimental effect on health produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors such as negative expectations of treatment or prognosis.”

So please be very aware and careful of what you believe and are thinking repeatedly about, for you are creating your future as you give your powerful, creative energy over to those beliefs / thoughts.

Aloha.  😃  🙏 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



This, too, shall pass…

Here is a link to a recent blog by Lynne McTaggart.  It reminds me that these are interesting times we are passing through. Which makes me consider the Buddha’s statement — “This, too, shall pass.
Love and Laugh Lots, Angels. It lifts your and everyone else’s frequencies.
Aloha. 😃 🙏 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



Always — Now…

A small piece of writing that “came to me” during working through some emotional “stuff” during the last month or three (it’s been an interesting journey of late!), and one to which I keep returning and finding strong, simple support within…

There is always Hope.  Always a New Chance.  Always a New Opportunity.  Always a New Beginning.  It is neverover.”  Now is always a New Start.  Now = New.

I hope that it can open a new doorway of beginning for you whenever you need it.

Aloha.  😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



If You Have An Excuse…

An old, old wisdom came to mind this morning — for reasons which are probably obvious!  😋  Shared with Love and the hope that its deep sagacity, towards others and to yourself, supports your soul on its journey through “Life“…
If you have an excuse — don’t use it…
Aloha, Angel. 😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



Who Am I?

I am a soul on an experiential journey of my own making.

I get to choose what I experience.

I am learning how to control what I manifest.

Each experience, each journey, is new and unique.

I am evolving.

😃 🙏🏼



Awareness Now…

If you ever figured that your thoughts and words about something have no energy, no power, no drive to affect The Universe, and frequently in unseen ways — Please Think Again.
Such self-created energy is aligned with our move into “Awareness In Every Now Moment” that we are all travelling towards right now. You can choose Love and move towards Awareness Now, embrace it wholeheartedly, or you can choose Fear and resist it all the way (btw, resistance really is futile). It’s your choice in every Now, about every Thing.
For all our sakes, I so hope that you choose Love and Awareness Now, Angel. You (and we) deserve nothing else — and we are going to end up there, one way or another…
Aloha.  🙏🏼



Our Story…

I read the following this morning, and it spoke so dynamically about this human life and our evolution:
“…It’s been an amazing journey so far, yet we have barely begun. Remember that none of us will be here for the end of the story, but it’s on all of us to make sure it’s a story worth telling…”
How are you telling your part of this majestic and historic tale? — and what are you choosing??…



Inner Tears…

(From this morning): “I sometimes feel as though a part of me, inside, has been crying all of my life…

And Now is the time to care for, support and heal it, once and forever… 🙏🏼

(Later):  I am now reminded (and blessed) to know that those “inner tears” were and are my soul’s way of releasing emotions that otherwise would have accumulated and concentrated, and become sickness and illness.  They are truly a Blessing.  As Panache Desai says, it is a miracle to be able to cry.

So I am giving thanks for those tears, and gratitude for the releasing they have done throughout my life, saving me from illness.  Now I seek awareness to free those emotions to flow readily and easily as and when they need to, in each Now moment…

And there is something indeed to have gratitude, to be so grateful for — all our exquisite feelings!  It prompts an Affirmation:  “I am deeply grateful for the range and intensity of my exquisite feelings.  I give thanks for the gift that enables me to laugh, and cry, and feel so much.  It is called ‘Life‘...”

Aloha.  😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



A Perfect World…

They say that no-one is perfect — until you fall in love with them.

So if you want to make your world perfect — fall in love with everyone and everything.  It will change your world forever, and it is your choice, your “free will“…

Aloha. 😀 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



You Cannot Fake Love

Don’t let your intellect convince you that you can “fake” Love.  This is not a time for faking it — in truth, it never was.  You cannot fake Love.  We are living in a time when Love — the real thing — is the only solution to our global challenges.  And unless we grasp this sweet “nettle” and become genuine beacons of Love, we risk our own existence and that of all of Life on this beautiful planet we have been given stewardship over, that we call Home.  Let us all Be-come Love — Now.

And Love, by definition, is forever and always UN-conditional.

No exceptions…




A Friend sent me this this morning, and it got me wondering and thinking.  I see similar things here in Hawaii.  What does your heart say about it, looking at these present times?….



Auld Lang Syne…

Wherever you may be in the world – Happy New Year!!  Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion, Gratitude, Health and Abundance to you, Angel.  Mahalo Nui Loa — for You!   Aloha.   😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxoxoxox



An Angel’s Home…

Each body is the home of an Angel, no matter how physically formed, nor how rich or poor financially.  Love only ever sees perfection…



My Intention & Prayer…

This is my Prayer and Intention, for Now, for Today, for this 2020 Holiday Season and for the New Year and beyond, ever-flowing forward….

“…May the hearts of all be blessed to receive and radiate Love, and thus to bring Peace and Gentle, Joyful Respect and Compassion to our Home, Planet Earth, and All beyond…”

Aloha. 😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



At Peace With Your Thoughts…

I read a quotation this morning that struck me as so insightful — about humanity in general, perhaps about politics in particular, and certainly about a Power Of Eight meditation group I attend each week, where a peaceful silence reigns at the end of each meeting.

How does it strike you?….

You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.”
~~ Khalil Gibran ~ “The Prophet” ~~

Aloha, and peacefully In-Joy each and every Now of your life.  😀 🙏🏼  🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



I Am Heartened…

If this is the sort of training that becomes primary in all corporations worldwide — you did know that I am an eternal optimist, right? — and its message is taken up wholeheartedly, then there is indeed hope for the world.  From the top down, please…

Simon Sinek on Empathy



Different — or Alike?…

Both in “politics” and in “The Battle Of The Sexes,” seek not to find and focus upon where you are different, but on where you are similar and aligned. This is the bigger part and where peace, love, growth and compassion reside.
Aloha. 😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



Out Of Tune

Quite a few years ago, I saved a quotation from Rudolph Steiner. I saw it again this morning and realised that, with all the changes and awakening afoot in the world right now, we are definitely drawing closer to the time Steiner was speaking of.  See if it resonates with you, too…
There will come a time when a diseased condition will not be described as it is today by physicians and psychologists, but it will be spoken of in musical terms, as one would speak of a piano that was out of tune.”
Everything is frequency. We need to expand f-a-r beyond our current Newtonian, mechanistic view of ourselves and the world — and such changes always start inside, with ourselves…
Aloha. 😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



Opposites Attract

Remember that old saying, “Opposites Attract“?  Want to know why that is so definitely true? — and why it is so important to know about it in relationships?

On this web site, we have a section entitled “Frequency Resources,” which drops down to “Frequency Principles” and thence to “Frequency Matchmaking.  What we’ve observed over the years, when couples both have their voice-prints taken, is what we call The Jigsaw Effect.  The voiceprint of one will be a mirror image of the voiceprint of the other.  That is, where one is strong the other partner will be weak(er) and vice versa.  We humans inwardly sense our areas of energy depletion and we equally sense the higher amount of that energy being present in the partner, or potential partner — and it really attracts us, albeit unconsciously.  We even embody it in our language — “looking for my other/better half” — “someone to complete me.

That’s the simple part of why opposites attract.  And if we choose to remain in a co-dependent relationship, filling our depleted areas from the other’s higher energy, so be it.  Just be ready for the potential of eventual stresses and strains, and a dawning awareness of “being used,” to play out at some later stage in such a relationship — plus, it’s not developmental or evolutionary.  It is feeding the status quo.  It may feel okay and “familiar,” it may have been the “old way” of relationships a few generations ago (“…’til death shall ye part…“) and in different cultures, but that relationship basis is in stasis; it’s flat-line, it isn’t going anywhere — unless (and this is a big one) the relationship is an agreed-to melting pot of shared personal energy advancement (agreed to consciously or otherwise).  Nowadays, we are evolving into a more-centred, energetically balanced human, where each partner in any relationship is complete and whole, in and of themself, and they seek to bring that wholeness to the relationship.  As they individually and collectively grow and evolve, so too does the relationship, the partnership.  You only have to look at divorce figures and the number of partnerships nowadays that are simply not formalised as a “marriage,” to see that our cultural understanding of “relationship” is in a major state of flux and change.  Any relationship is a melting pot par excellence in which to grow and evolve and self-discover.  Indeed, my suspicion is that that is its primary purpose!

So, rather than remain in the “jigsaw” state of energetic connection, our optimum task in Life is to identify where we are depleted, where we are drawing energy from our partner(s) to supplement that depletion and make ourself feel better.  That old process can be nothing more than a temporary fix, though, maintaining the co-dependent nature of the relationship.  Once we have identified where that depletion of energy lies (it starts simply via a voice print, for example), it then becomes our task to address and improve that depletion, bringing our overall energy back into balance throughout our whole being.  In other words, it is the role and responsibility of each partner in a relationship to attend to their own growth and energetic (spiritual) good health, and to bring themself to each relationship as complete an energy entity as they possibly can be in that moment.  As with all things in Life, there are ebbs and flows, ups and downs in every moment, but the overall intention and movement should be for steady expansion and evolution.  That is our journey — if we choose it.

And if that makes it sound easy-peasy, please do NOT beat yourself up for not “making the grade“! — no matter who set whatever arbitrary standard you may be using as a yardstick (there simply isn’t one – ever).  It may or may not be easy, but you cannot get it wrong, nor can you “fail” in any way.  Simply knowing that being aware and doing your best to grow is your avowed intention and your focus, your journey in every Now moment, that you are always doing your best — that is sufficient and enough.  You will always reach your destination.  How you get there is all about your choices along the way — but your journey and your choices are never “wrong,” they simply create different results, different pathways to the mountain top.  The best advice I know of is to choose quietly, calmly and wisely! — and how I wish I was better at using that advice than I suspect I am!  One step at a time, we grow and expand.  Becoming aware of the need for something internal to change is always the first step.  And expect resistance!  Our mind (ego) loves “familiar” and abhors change (= unknown = “unsafe“), so be ready for it to try and trip you up.  And know it can be sneaky — very sneaky!  This is where “Dark Night Of The Soul” arises — and believe me when I say that it can feel terminal at times.  Don’t give in nor give up.  This, too, shall pass.  It is never as dark as it may feel — never, not ever.  Love it for its care and concern for you anyway, and press ahead with your new intention(s) with Love and quiet, steadfast conviction.  Love is always the ultimate panacea for all challenges.  One foot in front of the other…  Keep going.

Journey Joyfully, Angel.  Aloha.  😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



What If…?

What if they called a pandemic — and nobody came?…



Levels Of The Mind…

I have a perpetual calendar on my desk — daily words from Robert Holden, under the title “Success Now” — and today’s statement really touched me deep inside, because I know this to be so, so true…
At the deepest level of the Mind
There are no Problems — only Fear
There are no Conflicts — only Fear
And there is no Lack — only Fear
This is why I seek to connect with my Heart (Soul) every day, in every Now I am blessed to live.
Aloha.  😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



“What’s on your mind?”…

On FaceBook’s pages, there’s an invitation to post something which asks, “What’s on your mind?”  Thinking about it, I realised that mine is pretty simple…

Love.  Peace.  Joy.  Compassion.  Gratitude.

I seek to resonate these emotions in every minute of every day…

Aloha. 😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



There Is Light Here — Somewhere…

Angel — if you ever want a lift in spirits, I’d like to share a song I just discovered that may bring a brighter frequency to your heart at such times — and I guess, being human, we all pass through such patchy periods…

There are actually two versions of the song on this website — I just happen to prefer the one on the left (Journey Into Your Heart remix)!  You get two bites of the cherry!!! 😋 👍🏻

Shared with Love, Peace and Joy.  May it touch your heart as it does mine.  😃 🙏🏼 🤙🏼 ❤️ xoxoxoxox



Feelings & Life’s Journey…

Have you ever wondered if you’d missed some lesson, some essential information, as you grew up?  Wondered whether the adults in your life had omitted to share some powerful Life Information that you really needed to know as you set out on your journey?  Perhaps it was so well-known and familiar to them that they assumed (sic) “Well, everyone knows that…” — except you in your earliest years, of course.  They simply missed your open, receptive mind in their overview of “need to know,” because maybe to them it was so obvious and well-known — maybe!

I’m talking about feelings here; the emotions that arise within us as we pass through life.  Some feel magical, some feel awful, as though we’re actually going to die.  The trouble is, that missing information (that I am really only just now waking up to) is that i) we’re supposed to feel those emotions and feel them fully, but ii) they will not kill you — even though it feels like they really will.  Life could have been so much clearer and probably brighter if that simple message of “feel them all, and fully, but fear them not — and do not let them rule you, for they are there for possible guidance, nothing more” had been gifted to us as young ones.  Certainly, that’s my own perception.

Our emotions — which we run from, especially males — are there as part of our Life Experience.  It’s why we are here — to experience it all.  We are meant to feel and experience them deeply — but nothing more than that.  It’s part of The Journey.  Our emotions can be a guide, but not our God.  Nor should we run from them, suppress them, ignore them.

The big awakening today (yes, colour me slow if you wish!) is that feeling all our emotions, our feelings, isn’t easy — until we realise that, no matter how much to the contrary it feels, They Will Not Kill Us!  Yea, though I walk through the Valley Of Death…  It can just feel like imminent death.

And the big kicker?  No-one, no-one, no-one can ever take that journey for you.  No-one.  This is a pathway that we shall always walk (internally) alone — if we choose to.  It is always a choice — and it is one of inner courage, but so worth it.  I believe that we come out profoundly gentler on the other side, and human society will benefit so much thereby…

Aloha.  🙏🏼



Scared To Death…

Scared To Death…

That old expression has much hidden wisdom encapsulated in it. It is our own inner fear — our beliefs about something, some-one, some situation — which actually creates sickness and ill-health. We are naturally designed for good health, but we can certainly override that programme by our own thoughts and beliefs.

Scared To Death…



Watch Your Language!

So colour me slow if you choose to, but it only dawned upon me today how much our language has been impacted by this “global pandemic.”  And as I opened up this page to write these words, I read the following at the end of my earliest posting on these “Doodlings,” way back on 09/16/2015.  Interestingly prophetic…

“…Our words carry energy when we express them, impacting the unmanifested 99.99999%.  From the limited to the limitless.  So we might be wise to be very aware when we speak, to choose what we say cautiously, with care and with love, rather than fear.  For those words we utter then resonate outwards into The Universe and affect what is made manifest in our world, individually and collectively.  We may not be able to accurately state (in words) what “Love” is – but our heart knows, and it is from there that we shall express in the future – one “word” at a time….”

What triggered this today?  That simple, in-common-use-nowadays, phrase: “social distancing.”  Y’see, this just doesn’t sound right to me.  I have no desire, nor do I intend, to “distance” myself from anyone socially.  I shall not be unsociable.  I find it rude, judgmental and damaging to a cohesive human society.  I prefer to use wording akin to “physical distancing,” when I am obliged to separate from my fellow human.  But that’s as far as I shall take it.  “Social distancing” is not something I choose, so the term is also something I do not choose.  They may be media “buzz words” right now, but their impact feels harmful to humanity in general, and especially in the longer term.  I hope that they fade rapidly from use.  Certainly, now that I am aware of them, they shall not be part of my everyday use.

Aloha.  🙏🏼 ❤️



The Ego and The Soul

When we’re “thinking” in the way we humans so often do, with thoughts that are based in separation, in the “Them and Us” meme, then please be aware that…

The ego is the part of the mind that believes in division.”

(thanks to “A Course In Miracles” Study Group for this gem)

Of course, The Universe is forever opening windows of clarity if I care to look (hint), so the next day along came the following quote, which also spoke to me of the ego and its belief in division – and its associated, ultra-infinite fear…

“…What is true never fears investigation; what is false… fears everything…”

Then this morning, I read the following in Panache Desai’s latest book, “You Are Enough,” and it made me think about what already preceded above. Later in the day, I saw a picture of modern society and its value system, based upon “intellect” and “thinking,” together with the ways in which “authority” or other influential entities denigrate and diminish the veracity and value of anything “alternative.” Do the following words speak to you about any aspect of our world in any way???…

“…The ego appropriates ‘spiritual’ activities, but waters them down, rendering them ineffective, ensuring that nothing changes too much. Anything that threatens the status quo or has the power to transform is demonized, because it threatens the larger egoic structure…”

From my perspective, then, we live in an egoically oriented world.

If you want to know more than you ever believed possible about the ego, your ego, you could do worse than read Chris Niebauer’s book, “No Self, No Problem.”  Quite the eye-opener and, as the saying goes, knowledge (awareness) is power!!  🙏🏼 ❤️



Our Speck Of Peace…

Yesterday evening, Shira and I spent some time together, as we often seek to do, sharing various readings from books and other sources we find uplifting and enlightening.  Below is a poem by Mark Nepo, from his book “The Way Under The Way,” which profoundly touched both of us.  In the midst of the fear and chaos created by “COVID-19,” these words send out a message of hope, of direction, of a way to alter humanity’s course towards a happier, healthier, more-loving way of be-ing.  Finding and holding onto our shared courage, our one-ness.  My hope is that the message touches and opens your heart as deeply and as powerfully as it did mine.

Aloha. 🙏🏼  ❤️



All Is Well…

Amidst all the global chaos and confused, conflicting information and reactions / responses to this “global pandemic” known as COVID-19, it dawns upon me how our belief and reliance in our “control” over The Universe is being thrown into the stark spotlight of “Get Real” reality.  Our intellects are being profoundly challenged, our egos assaulted – and it seems to me that we have a collective lack of anything else to fall back upon.  What we have placed all our faith in isn’t doing too well right now, it feels.

And there is the word that keeps arising for me around all this – Faith.  We need something bigger, something more powerful, something greater-than-us to place our belief in, our faith, right now.  Something that doesn’t fail – ever.  I’m not banging the drum for institutionalised religion here; far from it.  Rather, it feels as though we need something inside to which we can turn when life seems to become crazier than normal.

I believe that the late-Louise Hay had something which may help.  It certainly gifts me a place of inner peace when I read it – because it speaks to that “something bigger.”  It doesn’t need a name; I just need to know that it exists and that I am a part of it.  That’s enough.  I hope that it touches you deep inside, too…

All is well.
Everything is working out for my highest good.
Out of this situation only good will come.
And I am safe.

❤️ 🙏🏼 ❤️



Chaos & Emotions…

Are you experiencing inner chaos and a host of escalated emotions of late – or is it just me? 

Back when I was a young teenager, I perceived myself as very emotional and – thus – highly impractical.  My freely-flowing emotions back then were, in my young language, “Not a lot of use in this world.”  Truth be told, I found them to be a distinct liability, rather than any asset.  All my experience in the schoolyard, and also from practically all external influences, truly reinforced this belief.  So I set out in life at age sixteen to correct this “wet behind the ears” situation.  I was, according to my inner self-talk back then, going to “toughen myself up.”

Fast forward about five or six decades and I began to – gradually! – walk a path back towards that youngster I’d left behind.  In retrospect, it feels as though I was being guided to reconnect with the Real Me – that character I’d abandoned back in my teens.

But to create something new, the existing terrain first has to be cleared, yes?  That isn’t always a comfortable situation, no matter where it’s happening – externally or internally.  It looks like / feels like chaos.  What was, is gone, and “nothing-yet-manifested” is in its place.  The un-known – the fearsome??…

So I don’t know about you, but my inner landscape appears quite traumatised and chaotic right now, and I’m having a challenge to stay relaxed and “knowing that everything is perfect and utterly okay.”  It doesn’t feel that way a lot of the time.  Then we add in a return to that prior, freer state of emotional availability – the wraps are off and all feelings are being allowed to flow – and all those carefully-constructed, lifetime defences seem to have utterly disappeared.  What is left feels like that roller-coaster ride that you really didn’t want to go on from the get-go, but were cajoled into trying anyway.

So it’s one step at a time right now.  I keep reminding myself about that Buddhist saying – “This, too, shall pass.”  And also that I am the creator of my own life experience.  So I’d better choose wisely, right? – with awareness and the highest frequencies.  Maybe this is what an energetic bucking bronco feels like?  It’s quite some ride!

Is anyone else here attending the same or a similar rodeo???…



Self-Love vs Sacrifice

I received this in my e-mail this morning…

…On this day of your life, George S, I believe God wants you to know …

…that love is the center and the core of everything, and that Self is the place where all love must begin.

Those who love others grandly are those who love themselves grandly.  Those who have a high toleration and acceptance of others are those who have a high toleration and acceptance of themselves.

You cannot show another a part of you that you cannot show yourself.  Therefore, begin where all growth, where all evolution, where all love must begin: with the person in the mirror.

Will you not love yourself grandly today?

For the world’s sake?…

…and it triggered some primal, inner stress / conflict, between “Self-Love” (as professed above) and “Sacrifice” – which comes from the underlying concepts of “the guy on the cross” and all that that impacts culturally – doesn’t it??…

Does anyone else sense this fundamental conflict / stress and inner acceptance around this topic of Self Love?  If so, how do you deal with and / or resolve it???….

🙏🏼  ❤️ xoxoxoxoxox

(kudos to Neale Donald Walsch for the quoted – and inwardly challenging! – text 🙏🏼 )




This arrived as a present today, on a T-shirt.


Am I really, really like that??………….  (omg! 😂)



All Of Us…

All of us just want to be held and heard…

🙏🏼  ❤️





Feeling Hurt

When someone you are close to acts in a way that creates a sense of feeling hurt inside – feeling wronged, rejected, repelled, unloved – it is our judgment about that act which creates any sense of inner hurt. And since it is our choice to accept the judgment as “true” and “real,” then it follows that it is that choice which empowers the sense of inner hurt. In other words, the choice to believe the self-created judgment empowers the inner hurt feeling.

That judgment arises from and through our own, unique filters. It cannot come from anywhere else. Those filters are ours alone and any judgments arising from them are equally uniquely ours. They are always relative, subjective, rather than objective.

And any and all physical actions we observe speak about the player and their dynamic, not about the audience, the observer – us. How we react / respond then depends upon our dynamic – we can quietly and calmly observe, or we can boo and hiss and cat-call if we get engaged with what is being played out in front of us. But always be aware that we can choose to remain the observers of what is being acted out – or to step up onto that stage, to engage with the player(s) there.

It is always our choice. How do you choose? How do I choose? Am I sure that what-I-believe-I-perceive is actually real, or is it something I imagined / created from within my unique filters?…



The Size Of Our Fear

The extent of our “rules” (our laws and all other controlling legislation) defines the size of our Fear  —  and we are veritably drowning in “rules“…



Being “Emotional”…

Last night, someone said to me, “You’re quite emotional, aren’t you?  As so often, I “blew off” the comment with some throw-away wisecrack about my pathway through Life and how I’d set out to overcome that “flaw” in my character – which I did, but have subsequently come full circle about it.

Thinking about this later, I’ve come to realise that I know that being emotionally aware isn’t a “flaw” in me in any way, but rather the way that all humans naturally “be.”  I also came to realise that if it was not for the indoctrination and inculturation of males in human society, we’d all be far better aware of how much more similar men and women are, apart from a few fairly obvious differences (both physically and conceptually).  And that this would shift the dynamics of human society so immensely that we’d barely recognise – and certainly not consciously choose – the “model” we currently operate under.  We’ve been raised to believe that, at least for men, to be “emotional” is weak and unnecessary / undesirable, whereas the truth for everyone is that our emotions, the “hits” we receive, are the signals from The Universe whether something is okay with / for us or not.  And we’ve been raised in a culture that demeans and disregards those signals, particularly in men.  And we wonder about the craziness of our world?  Look at the crazy concepts it is based upon.

I guess that what I am trying to express here is that to feel / sense an emotional “hit” inside is simply like a radio receiving a transmission from a station.  It’s information.  What we do with that, how we react / respond to it, is what is important.  There is no automatic “if this, then that” about receiving an emotional “hit” that makes (sic) us react to it.  We need to be conscious and aware of such signals, and then use that information to guide our thoughts, words and deeds, through conscious choices.




During a short moment of meditation this morning, I “heard” the following statement:

Giants love to be held and hugged, too.”

Now, anyone who knows me will perhaps understand where that statement came from (I’m a shade above average height) – but it got me thinking.  We so quickly and readily assess and judge who and what someone “is” by a very quick and cursory glance at their appearance, including their body size, weight and gender.  Sure, back in the days of that infamous sabre-toothed tiger, such a rapid, glancing assessment might have been a life-saver.  But nowadays…

It made me realise that we are so, so much more than our physical presence, than our body.  The life force within and beyond your body is immeasurable, but it is the Real You.  The body is simply our means of housing and transport while we’re here.  That is something we “receive” upon arrival on Planet Earth.  Whatever it is, that’s what we start out with.  As we mature, we do get choices what to do with it and how we care for it, which can change it to some degree.  And therein lies the clue to who “we” really are.

No matter what body size, shape, gender, mode of dress and appearance we are “seen” as by another, wherever we’re at right now in our journey through Life, the driving force, the real “Us,” is both deep inside and expansively beyond what appears as “physical” in this manifested world. Think about “You” and you’ll know this to be the truth of who you really are.  You really have no boundaries.

So as you pass through Life, please always remember that both you and every other life form you encounter is far, far bigger and is always more expansively beautiful than just the physical entity that your eyes see.  S-l-o-w down that assessment mechanism in your mind and sense the bigger spirit before you – and sense who you also are.

And then remember that giants (and little folks and all of life in between) love to be held and hugged.  Share some joy, smiles and love today, and light up the world – your world.

Aloha…  🙏🏼 ❤️



I Believe In Miracles

There was a line in a song several decades ago, about “I believe in miracles.”   I seem to recall that it went on, “Where ya from, you sexy thing, sexy thing, you?” – but that’s not relevant right now!

If you’re like me, you’ll have been experiencing some pretty powerful experiences, emotions and deep, inner questioning of late.  A lot of it to do with who I am at this stage in my life – what I am, where I am going, what do I want to Be and to achieve in my remaining years?  A major crossroads, in fact.  There’s a whole lot of old-brain patterning tied up and involved in all that, too, muddying the waters.  And it’s time for New.  To create a New Me inside myself, as a Guide for the future.  Which makes me appreciate that all I really “am” is a set of choices and beliefs and self-set standards and ways of Be-ing.  As Michael A. Singer asks in his book, “The Untethered Soul,”  – “Who are you really??…  Aren’t we all actually just a set of choices which guide our experience of this thing we call Life?? – and we are all here simply to Experience???……

So this morning part of me is pondering on all this, and I come to realise that all that old patterning is based solely on the “Known” – which is about 1% or less of the whole Universe.  And it’s from the whole Universe that any and all “New” arises, not just that Known less-than-1% – ‘cos that Known stuff ain’t New by definition.  But when that New manifests, it very often appears as a miracle, because it totally defies our Known.

Now, I’m not a gambling man, but I recognise good odds when I see them.  My choice for New is exactly that – I want it to come from the UN-Known, not the less-than-one-percent of Known.  Give me that More-Than-99%!!  Miracles, right?

So – yes – I Believe In Miracles.  I choose them for my future.  I hope that you will, too…



“What We Don’t Know…”

One of the wisest statements to exhort us to caution, combined with gentle wisdom, in all our actions comes from Rachael Carson’s famous book, “Silent Spring,” published way back in 1962 – an early whistle-blower about our human impacts on the environment of this beautiful planet.  And as with all wisdoms, as applicable today as it ever was…

We destroy what we don’t value…

…and we cannot value what we don’t know…



Your Tears

Your tears can be a way of inviting someone else to feel love in their own heart…



Weak or Strong?…

Usually, what appears here has a prior “gestation” period – it is written and pondered on, and edited into what finally appears here.  This posting is different – it is being done “on the fly.”

For quite some time in recent months, the word “gentleman” has been intriguing me.  It was what “good men” aspired to be when I was growing up, yet if I look back at what our global patriarchy has created to date (not all bad, I agree, but overall…  where are we going?…), it made me wonder what really was the root of that word.  What is a “gentleman“?

Simplistically – and I love the KISS Principle; Keep It Simple, Sweetheart – the word derives from “gentle” and “man.”  Without getting into the nuts and bolts of what “gentle” actually means (and thus quickly losing the simplicity of KISS), it appears that a male soul of any social value is a gentle soul.  I shall leave you to interpret whatever “gentle” means to you in that perception.

And then, this morning, I read a quote (from where I know not) that really touched my soul.  Because it so poignantly ties into this “masculine-world-qualities-direction-social-attitudes-beliefs-I-am-a-man-I-am-strong-and-powerful-I-am-impregnable-I-am-separate-I-am-the-top” oeuvre that seems – to my simple eye – so utterly fucked up.  The quote is:

It is the weak who are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”  And I look around for the visible, expressed, genuine social gentleness in our patriarchal society and its headlong, competitive, beat-everyone rush to goodness-knows-where…



Who Cares?…

An extract from Michael A. Singer’s “The Untethered Soul” which resonated with me so deeply this morning.  Simple and to the point.  What’s not to understand?  How does it make you feel when you delve emotionally deep inside yourself??…

“…Enthusiasm, Joy and Love:  If you can feel that all the time, then who cares what happens outside?…”



Intellect versus Heart

It is interesting how one can read something and then re-read it a year or three later – and finally “get it“!  That happened this morning.  We were reading Mark Nepo’s excellent work, “The Book Of Awakening,” (ha! – I obviously did not “awaken” that first time around!!!) and this was the title of today’s offering – “To Count By Touching.  Given the increasing awareness around using intellect over heart (which is humanity’s old and crumbling paradigm) and how it separates us from “what truly is,” this was a timely piece.  What follows is a truncated version to go with these thoughts…

We need to count by touching.  Not by adding and subtracting.”

When we count with our eyes, we stall the heart.  For the eyes can see clearly what is broken without ever feeling the break, and the mind can calculate the loss without ever sewing up the wound.  Without touching the life coming apart before us, we can race to rebuild before the wrecked dream ever hits the ground.  While this makes us resilient and efficient as ants, it also keeps us from ever living in what we build.

I believe that modern military parlance is “collateral damage” – not a single life felt or mentioned…  Listen to a George Carlin video on “Euphemisms” for a breakdown on how this has evolved over less than a century –

Alas, what makes us precise and efficient can also begin a life of neurosis: not touching what we see, not feeling what we know.  This is how the mind skips the heart’s step.  How we forget that blood on the news is real, that the cry from the streets is attached to something living…  …We think we protect ourselves by taking inventory and moving on, but we only spin our web tighter.

Such a profound and simple lesson: to count with our hands brings us deeper than all counting.  Then numbers give way to notes, and sums give way to song.”

And nowadays? – we are waking up!!  The age of feeling again, without being inwardly brutalised and insensitive, is growing steadily and sweetly.  We are moving into a space of genuine compassion and feeling for one another again.  I offer you love and compassion as you move ahead in your journey through Life and its moment-by-moment choices.  Choose wisely and well in every Now moment – for all our sakes…

Aloha.  🙏🏼 



Relationships, Integrity and “Rules

Are you aware of Life unfolding within and around you all the time?  In fact, more aware of Life these days, and seeking / questioning / wondering about how best to meet and address it all???  Something bubbled up from out of that “inner cauldron” this morning that I’d like to share…

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has read any of this “stuff” which pours forth from my “pen” here that I am an avowed believer in the KISS Principle – “Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.”  When I think about things like contracts (picture your credit card agreement, for example!), I shudder.  A minefield laid out to trap the unwary – in which we are all included, lawyers, too, since the whole legal process appears to be about deciding, case by case, who was “right” and what all these words “really” mean – until someone else challenges them with a new case and they are given new meanings – yet again, until the next time they are challenged.  Surely, there are simpler ways to direct our combined lives than this status-driven, actually un-defined process, all based upon “language” which, as we know, is an amorphous, ever-changing, ever-moving morass?  Reminds me of that famous statement by a senior member of the legal profession, that he could not define “pornography” (or whatever word from that genre he was dealing with) – but he knew it when he saw it!  Right on! – that’s really objective for you!!  The point is, here was a long-term, trained professional admitting that the topic was essentially sub-jective…

Where is all this leading?  Good question!  When it comes to relationships – and that’s something that we actually have with everyone and everything we experience (i.e: not just your spouse / lover(s) / family members…) – I constantly seek to apply the KISS Principle to everything I experience and (hopefully) learn.  So this morning, it dawned upon me that there are two essential elements which must be vibrantly active within a relationship if we are to start enjoying (in-joy-ing) happy, dynamic, loving, honest unions – which is what we are all seeking, correct??  And, yes, this applies to all parties within a relationship – but if the other parties are not there yet, not yet playing this way, have not yet awoken to this, well…  Someone has to start, yes?  So why not you?  Lead by example???…

The two elements are:

  • Integrity – deep, raw, honest Truth – and guess what? – true integrity totally and utterly starts within.  Nothing to do with anyone or anything out-side you.  At least, primarily and principally.  And this is really where the rubber hits the road – Be-ing Honest With Yourself.  And we are raised, trained, to tell lies, both to ourselves and to others.  We are habituated in it.  The moment we capitulate and give in to “what Mummy or Daddy want,” rather than what we truly want (picture the “Terrible Twos“), we have started down that slippery slope of “pleasing others” and thus being untrue to ourselves.  We lie to ourself.  And as we proceed in life, we dress it up and hide it within our internal language (aka “coping skills“), until everything is so screwed up, conflicted and confused that we do not even know what we truly want.  So – Integrity – and it always, in all ways, starts within.  Easy?  Not at all – it involves deep, inner searching and often emotional pain, and getting past some sticky resistance about “that’s not me,” and “I don’t do that,” or “that isn’t true” (these are Bowdlerised versions of what we actually say to ourselves).  Trust me; I’ve been facing this inner demon for years.  Please just know that if someone you essentially trust has the courage to tell you what they see, at least listen and consider what they are telling you, instead of reactively flying off the handle at them.  That venerable Scottish bard, Rabbie Burns, had it right:  O wad sum pow’r the Giftie gie us, Tae see oorsels as others see us, It wad frae monny a blunder free us, An’ foolish notion” (or words to that effect!)
  • Rules – the ones that You follow / believe in / know are “right.  For matters of clarification here, my definition of “Rules” is that they are someone else’s bullshit.  Please note that.  In the case of relationships, yourrules” apply solely and completely to YOU and to no-one – NO-ONE – else.  They are Your Rules, so apply them to You and leave everyone and everything else alone regarding them.  Please.  If human society could apply that one, simple process, we’d be freed of so much conflict and aggression, pain and deep disagreement.

All this is clarification I ingested this morning.  How it impacts you really only concerns you.  But it will affect your relationships if you start to apply it.  It’s all one step at a time, and we never get it “wrong” – we simply get “results” and if we do not like those results, well, we get to try again next time – and please be certain sure – there WILL be a “next time” – many of them, in fact!!  I know that all too well!!  😄

Aloha.  🙏🏼 



Here – Now – My Choice Point” Is Changed!

As I prepared to write this entry, I had no idea that the last time I placed something on these “pages” it was headlined with what I wanted to write about today!  “Coincidence,” right??  Not!!  More and more, and since long ago now, I have ceased to believe in “accidents” and “coincidences“!  That supposed “explanation” of Life’s events is just too convenient in allowing us not to consider the importance of what occurs to us.  It’s a cop-out dismissal, a direct avoidance of internally dealing with “what is.”  It enables us to avoid the inevitable questions…

There has been a lot (read “A LOT“!) of shifting, changing, challenging and re-assessing Life and its affairs afoot of late.  Can you identify?  Events and circumstances that make one stop and take stock, question, ask whether we need to review and decide anew?…

This morning, my stock response (when I remember to use it!) of “Here-Now-My Choice Point,” to any and every situation which challenges me and my perception of the world, came under scrutiny.  More and more, I am realising that there is Love – or simply the absence of Love.  It’s a simple “either-or” situation.  No complication necessary.  I resonate so clearly with The KISS Principle – and, just for clarity, to me that stands for “Keep It Simple, Sweetheart“!!

Remember that saying, “To Name Me Is To Negate Me“?  Well, I believe that there’s another, similar one:  “To Name Me Is To Create Me,” which certainly applies to anything concerning the absence of Love.  It is that simple.  As soon as we give whatever it is that we fear a title, a name, a description, we are bestowing energy upon it, we are creating it.  So I have decided not to follow that pathway.  I give no “name” to anything that is Not Love.  It is all simply “Not Love.”

And this naturally lead to a review of “Here-Now-My Choice Point.”  Why?  Because I have made a Choice that is activated in every moment of Now – a Permanent Choice for me.  And this naturally made a review of this “SOP” (Standard Operating Procedure!) necessary!  What transpired?  It is below – can you resonate with it in any way??…

Here – Now – I “Be” Love…



Here – Now – My Choice Point…

I’ve heard it said that Life Is Circular.  That we proceed along, only to find ourselves back in “the same place” (though I suspect that it actually just looks the same!), but with fresh insights and awarenesses than we had when we were “here” before.

My vision is of the Tao symbol, the Yin–Yang icon (☯️), where we “live” at one point on its edge and it is rotating, taking us upwards until we reach a plateau where the whole icon catches up and rotates past us, and then (so it seems to us), we take off again on another rotation upwards – though I’ve also come to believe that, depending upon our thoughts / feelings, we can also drive it downwards as well!  😄  Hmmmmm…..

And the point of all this?  I read a quote by Neale Donald Walsch this morning that I feel I’ve heard the gist of before in the past, and yet today it spoke more deeply and with greater clarity than I heard the concept previously.  Perhaps it will touch your soul in a new way today, too?…

Seek not to find out Who You Are, but seek to determine Who You Want To Be…

We create our Future from our Now, and how we Be in each Now determines what we create – and thus what we experience – as our Future – which we always experience as a series of Nows!  Focussing upon the Past creates more of the same, but if we want New, Different, Better, then we have to look forward to Who We Want (Choose) To Be.  May you always be aware of your Choice in each and every Now!!

Aloha.   🙏🏼



What Is This??…

Do you remember those bumper stickers some time back? – WWJD? – “What Would Jesus Do?”  Last night I listened to a present-day spiritual guide bringing this same concept forward, albeit in a different hat.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the “KISS Principle for navigating through Life!!  Gimme simplicity all the way!!  For me, it all (everything) boils down to an extremely simple equation:  There is Love and there is the absence of Love (sometimes given a name – Fear, Ego, Devil – which for me just makes it into something, when it is actually the absence of anything).  In other words, there’s Love – or not.  Now, isn’t that simple?  Beyond that simple “Question – Answer” protocol, all the rest – everything – is all Ego Chatter.  Obfuscation.

So any challenge, issue, situation, trauma – they can all be dealt with by answering that simple question – “Is This Love Or Not?”  Nothing else to talk about.  No ego natter-chatter required (except by the ego, of course!!)  And it makes me ponder on Einstein’s famous statement, about not being able to solve issues with the same mentality that created them (paraphrased).  Hmmmmmmm………

Am I good at applying this?  No, not yet; but I am getting better.  One foot in front of the other.  Awareness in the Now is the way forward, I believe.  And not arguing with the ego – simply saying, “Yes, I hear you and thank you for your thoughts, but we are using the answer to this one simple, fundamental and essential question Now, and that is the end of the matter.” After that, moving forward, it feels to be a matter of self-discipline in every Now moment…



Choices, Choices, Choices…

Are you fighting with Life?  For if you are, you are actually fighting with yourself, and while that may create an amusing picture for every other spirit to observe, it isn’t too productive or helpful for You.  Especially if there is something that you wish to change that is causing this reaction.

All “War” comes from Fear – so ask yourself if there is a Love-ing way forward that might produce gentler, clearer, longer-lasting results and outcomes?  You do deserve Love, you know – no matter who or what you think you are, or what you think you’ve done that is “wrong.”  Love is all there really is – or the absence of Love – and we always get to choose how much Love we Be in every moment of Now.  It is how we create our life.

Please choose wisely, Angel…  🙏🏼  



Treating The Darkness…

This touched my heart just now…

“…How odd that we spend so much time treating the darkness and so little time seeking the light…

Marianne Williamson – “Tears To Triumph

What fear is it that makes us so obsessively focussed on the tiny part that our senses reveal to us, and so seemingly blindly afraid of the infinite, unmanifested potentials that lie – quite literally – within the light?  Are we truly so wrapped-trapped in the realm of the three-dimensional that we are unable to “see” beyond those confines???…

My own sense is that we are thankfully breaking those bonds, one by one, as each present day passes…



Changes and Guidance…

It feels, of late, as though there have been many changes afoot, “opportunities for growth(!),” and – thankfully – guidance from various sources in my world.  What follows are two examples of recent wisdom and guidance that have presented themselves.  Thank You, Universe…

Countless history books could be written through the lens of incoherent emotions.  Whether the result is a Shakespearean tragedy, genocide, or a world war, survival emotions such as blame, hate, rage, competition and retribution have resulted in an endless, unnecessary trail of pain, suffering, oppression and death.  The results have caused humans to live in opposition and conflict rather than in peace and harmony.  This is a time in history when we can break that cycle.  This is a pivotal moment in the story of humanity where ancient wisdom and modern science are intersecting to provide us with the technology and scientific understanding to learn not only how to more efficiently and effectively manage our emotions, but also what that means for our health, relationships, energy levels, and personal and collective evolution.  It doesn’t require moving mountains – only changing our internal state of being.  This allows us to alter the way we act with one another, replacing stressful situations with positive experiences that give us energy, fill our spirit, and leave us with a sense of wholeness, connection and unity.  The brain may think, but when you turn your heart into an instrument of perception, it knows

Dr. Joe Dispenza – “Becoming Supernatural;” p.173.

…It is the consciousness of peace, not the behaviour of war, that will ultimately turn back the tides of fear…

Marianne Williamson – “The Gift Of Change.”

Aloha.  🙏🏼



Spiritual, Not Political?…

Are you self-defined as “Spiritual“?  Does that mean that that dirty topic known as “politics” isn’t something you are interested in, and actually keep away from?  Based upon my own inner perception, it may be time to change that perspective.

I believe there is a new force arising within the political scene in America – and it includes all of us who are the Baby Boomer Generation – those free spirits of the 60’s whose cry for true freedom was effectively stomped on by “The Establishment,” which subsequently reinforced its own vision of how human society “should” be run.  Right now, we stand on the edge of a precipice where we can see just how destructive and ineffective, how unloving and greed-based that viewpoint is.  We are facing our own demise through our own collective actions, by being blindly led into a fear-based, loveless morass.

It is time to step back from this heartless world-view and create something new.  Is that a truly spiritual act?  You’re damned right it is.  Not to “fight” against anything, though – that just perpetuates the same energy.  To create New from within, with Love and Compassion and Cooperation and Collaboration.  To BE the change.  To speak up with Love when something isn’t right, isn’t loving, isn’t compassionate.  To Care for Every One.  It isn’t complicated, though it isn’t easy as a new habit, when we’ve all been sleepwalking in “I’m Just Spiritual” land for so long.

So please take a look at a new energy that has appeared on the political horizon.  I’m not suggesting that you agree – simply take a look.  See what happens inside you, in your heart.  If it speaks to you, you’ll know…

This came from Lynne McTaggart:

During these tumultuous and highly polarized times, no matter what your political persuasion, it’s an important time for all of us to come together to encourage and support intelligent and inspiring people who have begun to speak out, stand up, and step up to the challenge of elected office.

One of those happens to be my dear friend, New York Times bestselling author and activist, Marianne Williamson, who announced yesterday that she is running as a candidate for U.S. President.

Marianne’s campaign is unique, because it focuses on internal, as well as external, reform.  If this is of interest to you, you can find out more about Marianne’s campaign for President at

As she says, now is our time – to ensure that love overcomes fear and hate.

Mahalo for your consideration.  Aloha.  🙏🏼



I read a beautiful (and somewhat wry) quote of Albert Einstein’s today:

Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth is shipwrecked by the laugher of the gods.

I wonder what that says about the world’s judicial systems??  The quote came from James O’Dea’s book, referenced below, which is providing some highly insightful and stimulating reading.  🙏🏼



Creating A Culture Of Peace

As my journey towards conscious awareness crawls it way forward (!), I am blessed to access and absorb more and more information that so deeply resonates with my soul.  Today was no exception – the section from which the excerpt below is taken deserves reading in its completeness, and I recommend you do just that.  I am being called to inspect many aspects of Self that I have often long ago just locked away in a cupboard labelled “Fundamental – But Do Not Disturb.”  This book rips that label away and throws the cupboard doors wide open – and with good reason.  We cannot grow without looking at all aspects of Self in the clear light of day and Love.  Here is the excerpt…

The beauty of the concept of a culture of peace is that it is understood that we have to recreate community based on human values and needs, rather than on the consumption of stuff or the competition for dominance….

…We have touched on multiple levels of wounding – the wounds of violent trauma, the wounds that insidiously become part of our victim status and identity, the wounds transmitted through culture and belief, and the self-limiting wound of cynicism.

At the root of them all is dehumanisation, where ideology comes first, or dogma comes first, or materialist achievement comes first – anything but the sacred value of an individual and the power to transform even the deepest wounding.  Revaluing this deep identity in all human beings is at the heart of the contemporary peace movement.  That perspective alone permits us to unify in a spiritual movement, a movement within the evolution of consciousness itself, rather than one with exclusively political objectives.

Excerpted from “Cultivating Peace” by James O’Dea; chapt. 4, pgs. 72, 74; ISBN: 978-0-9848407-1-7

Shared with Love.  May it touch your heart and spirit as it did mine.  🙏🏼 ❤️   



All Is Love – All Is Peace – All Is Well

Always, all ways, all the way

Patently, I have not been here much of late!  Life has been both challenging and expansive – can you identify?!  And yet I sense that we have “turned a corner,” as the saying goes.  Pele has not been “dancing” on the SE side of The Big lsland of Hawai`i for over a week now – is this another sign that the global energies are settling down?

The above expression came to me this morning, from things that I use in my daily affirmations.  Working on my beloved “KISS Principle,” it encapsulates for me how The Universe is structured – if we choose to align with it that way, of course!  As always, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary!) and it is always a choice.  Choose well and wisely, and Journey Joyfully!!  🙏🏼



A friend “challenged” me, via an e-mail, as follows:

Try this exercise by Matthew Anderson:
“There is a prayer that lives in the center of your heart. If you pray it, it will change your life. How does it begin?”

Something spoke to me to “go inside” and see what was resting unspoken in my heart.  What follows is the result…

My Heart’s Prayer

Great Spirit, The Source of All That Is:

I pray that I may grow – in every minute of my existence here – more like You
That I may truly know that I am absolute, unconditional Love
And live that Love fully
That I may always be an unfailing instrument of your Peace
That I may bring Joy and Healing wherever I tread
That I be blessed with Awareness in every moment
So that I can fully be an emissary of Your Wisdom and Love
Guide me in spreading Your Light wherever I go

As Your Child, which I am
I pray that I may always express the Love that You are

Awaken me




Have you ever actually faced your own imminent demise?  As in Dead – Obliterated – Life Over.  And by “imminent,” I mean within the next few, brief minutes.

This actually happened to me last Saturday morning (01/13/18).

Emergency Alert


Shira and I were starting our normal routine in the morning, when a governmental Emergency Alert went off on my cell phone.  We were busy “doing our thing,” so I took no notice of it.  Shortly after, our landlord came to the door, telling us that we were under imminent nuclear missile threat.  We were both vaguely aware that there had been some political tension and sabre-rattling between America and North Korea, but this information came as an utter, shaking shock.

We looked at one another for a moment in total disbelief, and then Shira quietly said, “Let’s go into meditation.”  Truly, in those brief, stark moments, I deeply realised that there was nothing else to be done, there was nothing else we could do.  I believe that we both understood that.

So we sat down on the floor, facing one another, looking deep into one another’s eyes, and then closing our eyes and sending out heart-open Love, sending out deep peace to the whole planet, to the whole of Life upon it.  There was indeed nothing else we could do in that moment.

It was interesting (to my “Inner Observer“), assessing the inner conversation being whispered within my mind as we passed through those following, brief minutes.  I deeply realised that I really have nothing else to offer but Love.  That Love is really the only thing that truly matters.  It is All That I Am.

After about ten minutes or so of this very deep and profound introspection and meditation, we both opened our eyes, looked at one another and Shira said in a very quiet voice, “It’s not true.”  As the minutes passed, this realisation that it was actually a false alarm became more and more real.  Then, about half an hour later, our landlord returned with a text message from the local Congresswoman that it was indeed a false alarm.

Looking back, it is interesting to see how deeply this experience affected me.  Although I have experienced many challenging issues in life, I have never been brought face-to-face with my own imminent obliteration before.  What this experience deeply taught me is that i) I am not afraid to die and ii) that I really, really know now that Love is the one and only thing that ever truly matters.

I am forever changed by this experience…




I know that this is an advertisement, but the tune is so catchy, I cannot get it out of my head!! – so I am sharing it here with you!!  Do Sing Along!! – and Mele Kalikimaka!!  🙏🏼 ❤️




I read that yesterday (12/14/2017) there was a significant spike in the Earth’s Schumann Resonance – an indicator of the globe’s atmospheric magnetic environment – and since we humans are electro-magnetic creatures (along with everything else), this shift directly affects us.

I found this particularly noteworthy, since my personal experience of late has been a remarkable upwelling of what I gather are suppressed emotions dating w-a-y back in my history.  Today was – to put it bluntly – a doozie in that regard!!  OMG!!  The Schumann Resonance shift aligned too conveniently with today’s powerful emotional experiences to be simply a “coincidence” (to which I have long ago ceased to give any credence).

Anyway, that being said, I read something today that really caught my attention – something that concerns men and their (oft times hidden / suppressed) emotions.  It was a definition of the word “macho,” written by an ex-Green Beret who has seen more military “action” than I care to even think about.  That the following words came from a source with such direct experience of what is effectively violence was significant to me in these days of such major change in human energy and evolution, which includes us awakening to our true emotions and moving into a heart-centred, aware way of living.  It signalled a shift that we men need to awaken to and address, through integrity and deep honesty, with ourself first and foremost, and then with everyone else.  I leave it with you…

MACHO – “Too frightened to consider the possibility of being frightened.”




On this day after Thanksgiving, if you want to hear the best explanation I have ever heard about us (humanity) being The Universe (or Source, or God , or whatever name you choose to give It – a “human construct“!) observing and experiencing Itself, then you could do worse than watch this.

Just sayin’!!  Enjoy a happy and magical Now!!  🙏🏼




Over most of this year, I have been increasingly incorporating Gratitude into my consciousness / awareness of daily life.  I have found that being grateful in each and every moment – yes, including when situations arise that I may initially choose to deem “unpleasant” or “negative“! – engenders a growing inner environment of higher-frequency energy, of infinite appreciation and optimism and joy.  I have come to accept that there are no “accidents,” that “coincidences” are far more than that, and that everything which occurs has an inherent blessing and potential lesson within it – no matter how it may at first feel and/or appear to me!  Always look for the gift!

So after listening to Matt Kahn’s latest Soul Gathering recording tonight (“The Alchemy Of Transformation” –, I felt inspired to write out a new set of affirmations to go with the toning tracks that I listen to nightly as I drift off to sleep, to reinforce the awareness of, and the benefits from being grateful for everything.  As we resonate, so we create – and, like it or not, we are always creating, consciously or otherwise.  That latter “otherwise” is something we really need to be aware of!!

The new affirmations follow (please excuse the capitalisation!)…


…and I am grateful for you, dear reader, for sharing this journey with me in whatever way(s) we do.  Happy Thanksgiving! – every day!!

Aloha and Namasté.



What follows is something that has distilled over the past week or so, derived from various resources and “ideas” which came to me, in order to clarify for me how energy is employed within and outwith us.  The inner and outer energetic relationship and reactions/responses, in other words.  If it speaks to you and helps to clarify, then we are all moved ahead – and if it does not speak to you, well, no harm done, I guess!!  Journey Well…


  1. Emotion / Thought;
  2. Choice Point!…  decide who is in the car’s driving seat – You or Ego Patterns:
    • If it is You – consciously select Forward (Love) gear;
    • If it is Ego Patterns, Reverse (Fear) gear is automatically selected for you;
  3. Intention:
    • If you are in Forward (Love) gear, choose your Intention;
    • If you are in Reverse (Fear) gear, don’t worry – your Intention will be chosen for you from within your hidden patterns = Russian Roulette;
  4. Action (Cause) – be it word, deed, emotion, whatever, aligned with your (chosen?) Intention;
  5. Effect – wait for the energy / frequency of the Intention you send out (radiate – it is frequency, which affects everything) to be reflected back to you.  No guarantees of immediacy, but it’s usually pretty noticeable!
  6. Experience the Effect(s);
  7. Repeat – or Revise, as you choose!!



Tao Te Ching

From circa 4,000 years ago comes some wisdom that feels so apposite to today’s world, especially so here in the USA.

Below is the 18th verse of the Tao Te Ching, attributed to Lao Tzu (means “Old Man” in Chinese!)  See if it triggers some “That’s today’s world!” responses in you, too, as it did in me this morning when I read it (especially the last verse)…

When the greatness of the Tao is present,
action arises from one’s own heart.
When the greatness of the Tao is absent,
action comes from the rules
of “kindness and justice.”

If you need rules to be kind and just,
if you act virtuous,
this is a sure sign that virtue is absent.
Thus we see the great hypocrisy.

When kinship falls into discord,
piety and rites of devotion arise.
When the country falls into chaos,
official loyalists will appear;
patriotism is born.




I read the following quote from Thich Nhat Hanh today, which really spoke to me at a profound and personal level.  It touches so deeply on so many facets of human life and society right now.  I want to share it with you here…

Peace – is not simply the absence of violence; it is the cultivation of understanding, insight, and compassion, combined with action.  Peace is the practice of mindfulness, the practice of being aware of our thoughts, our actions, and the consequences of our actions.

The full quote can be read here.  Aloha.  🙏🏼




Have you ever re-read a book and noticed how much you had “missed” during the first reading?  If you have ever experienced that, it can be quite an eye-opener, right?!  Truth be told, it appears that there have been a plethora of such ah-hah’s for me of late!! (I wonder what that says about me??!!…)  Anyway!!…

Today’s new insight was one that I am impelled to share – it seems so utterly fundamental – one of those simple things which are utterly essential to absorb, know, understand and act upon with deep self-enquiry.  To incorporate into one’s be-ing-ness, in other words.  It comes from Matt Kahn’s book, “Whatever Arises, Love That.


“The re-occurring benchmark in spiritual evolution is noticing how well you communicate.”

Our language can be a blessing and a curse.  Each one of us has our own inner interpretations around each and every word and phrase, based upon our training and also our lifelong experiences about it.  An utter minefield, in other words!  It feels as though part of the shift humanity is experiencing right now is to dramatically improve and clarify how and what we “say” to one another(s).  To step into that place where it isn’t solely words (language) that we use to communicate, but also that we listen to and honestly incorporate what we feel and hear from our hearts.

Actually, that sounds as though it is all about “Life’s Longest Journey” – those eighteen or so inches between brain (intellect) and heart (soul).

Journey Well, Angels!  🙏🏼 ❤️



Have you heard of / read Pam Grout’s book, “e3“?? There are nine “games” to challenge yourself in there, around manifesting. The first one (which I started a couple of days ago) is about “The more fun I have, the better life works.

Part of it is to watch / listen to a music video at the very start of each day. The one I am using is Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” (

So off I set on my regular morning ½ mile walk. I can feel the minutest, infrequent mini-droplet of water on my arms – but no biggie, right??!!

I am getting to the halfway point, walking down a steep hill, with its mirror-opposite awaiting me, and I can feel those mini-droplets getting more regular – and bigger!

By the time I got to the steep hill on my way back home, it was decidedly “drizzling“! – and all I could see in my mind was the dancers in that music video, spinning around and singing “I’m HAPPEEEEEeee“!!! That was me, too, in my mind. Laughing and chuckling away, walking in the rain (thinking that if this wasn’t a public road, these clothes would be off and I’d be damn well dancing in the rain, too!!)

By the time I got home, it was starting to rain properly (as it does in the tropics!), and I was laughing out loud. This was sooooo good!! – and perfectly timed!!  Wheeeeee!!

So if you want to turn your life around and make it happier, here’s one possible way that some happy surprises might happen your way – with your energetic help, of course.  Nothing changes unless you do!!

Dance On!!!        xoxoxo



Finally, after several months, I find time and space to sit down and resume writing here.  This has been an interesting period in my life indeed.  Many lessons offered – and hopefully the same number learned!!  ????

Today I read a quotation that truly resonated within me – I could soooo identify!!…

Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.  (Cicero)

I am raising my hand here in admission that I have been an idiot many times over!! ???? Accepting and seeing those old, hidden, deep patterns can be a rough ole road to tread – BUT! – there’s a huge joy of freedom on the other side of them!!

What you “know that you are right / sure about” (isn’t that how we hold those old, deep patterns?) is always (always!) the portal to change and to bringing more love and joy into one’s life.  We deny, we resist, we “know” that we are “right about this” – but just coming to that place of being able to accept that there just might be another, a different way of seeing things, opens up the whole of The Universe – and therein lie myriad new opportunities and pathways to explore.  Rigidity of thought (sic) is us residing in Flatline Land – there is no life there, it results in a steady demise and, ultimately, death.

So whenever you find yourself dogmatically certain sure that you “know what is so, what is right” – please learn from my journey along The Rocky Road Of Life, and stop and take a moment to try and open yourself up to the idea that, just maybe, there could be another way of seeing things.  It truly is a doorway to bright, happy, healthy, new ways of be-ing – and you and everyone in your life will be happier and grateful that you had the courage to take this step.

Journey well.  Namasté.  🙏🏼



Youthful Wisdoms Unseen

Have you ever had occasion to look back at something that you’d written or created many years before, and realised how profound and potentially wise it was – and that you’d completely missed the deeper parts of it “back then“?  I was clearing out shelves in preparation for a move and came across the piece of calligraphy below.  Considering the roller coaster of emotions and trials that the intervening years have bestowed upon me, I’m wondering why the hell I didn’t “get it” more clearly back then when I wrote it!!  Damn!!

And yet this evening, I watched a programme on (“Open Minds” – Regina Meredith with Nigel Taylor) where the principle was voiced that we all have (sic) to “pass through the fire” in order to find our authentic self and thus develop and expand spiritually.  So even if our soul shines those brief flashes of youthful wisdom in our eyes, there’s no escaping at least some “trials and tribulations” in order to “know thyself” more fully as the years slide by.  Back in my youth (!), I kind of knew that “the hardest learnt lesson is the best learnt lesson,” which somewhat goes hand in hand with the above.

Hopefully, I have reached (or am drawing much closer to!) that place where I gracefully and gratefully accept life challenges as blessings and opportunities for increased awareness, rather than rail and struggle against them – and thus release them far more quickly!!  One step at a time!!…



“Killing What We Fear”

I was moved to sit down and write today, by something that Shira and I shared during our regular morning reading time together (we share time reading-out-loud books that “speak” to both of us, and enjoy the energies that such a process engenders – it takes us both into places of introspection and contemplation, which we can then exchange and share from).

So, this morning, I heard Shira speak the following words, from Mark Nepo’s book, “The One Life We’re Given – Finding The Wisdom that Waits In Your Heart“…

much of the harm that we do on this Earth comes from trying to remove or cripple what we’re afraid of, rather than face what stirs us within to be afraid.  For when we kill what we fear, we often close the door to what we need to know

This touched me very deeply.  It spoke to me of the present socio-political situation that appears to be unfolding in the USA, of the extremism that is emerging from within the deep folds of society, of the expressed hatreds and separation that seem to be rippling through the fabric of this supposedly-united country.  It made me think of the bully in school and how that apparent “superiority” is actually deep inferiority trying to assuage its own fears.

And that lead me to look at the posturing that many nations do on the global stage, especially the ones who have the largest military presences.  Their apparent “We are strong; look at our might!” for me translates into “We are utterly terrified and are so afraid, that we are too fearful to show it, so we posture mightily…”  And that fear can so easily translate into global bullying…

And it made me realise that there is only one reason to own any weapon of destruction, be that a bomb, a gun or anything else that destroys.  It says, very clearly and very loudly, “I Am Afraid.”  For if there is no fear, then why have such implements?

much of the harm that we do on this Earth comes from trying to remove or cripple what we’re afraid of, rather than face what stirs us within to be afraid.  For when we kill what we fear, we often close the door to what we need to know

And later, after writing this, Shira challenged me, “So how do you move out of the fear and into the love?  How do you shift the energy of what you’ve written?  And I recognised the wisdom of what she asked – and along came The Universe and gave me the answer!!  It came in the form of the latest Matt Kahn video on YouTube (, entitled “I Am The Light” (The Light I Am).  It mentioned exactly what I had been feeling, about the “darkness” that is present – and explained that it is ALL Divine Perfection, no matter how it appears.  That the one thing we need to keep focus upon, in every moment, is our own innate divinity and majesty, no matter what.  I am the Light, the Light I am.    To have the knowingness and faith that that is who and what we are.  And that by so doing we align with Gandhi’s exhortation to “BE the change,” thus expressing our choice (Here-Now-My Choice Point) and holding the space for the Light (Love) to expand and lift the darkness (lower frequencies) away.

I hope that you will listen to the talk on YouTube referenced in the prior paragraph.  It may help you clarify some aspects of Life.

Peace, Love, Laughter and Joy always, all ways, as we move into this amazing New Year of 2017!!




We cannot “care” for anyone more than they care for themself.  And we are not here to “fix” anyone else, to (over)care for them when they choose not to do so for themself, to sacrifice ourself in any way for another if they are choosing a seemingly self-destructive path.  It is not our role, nor ever our responsibility, to stop anyone from experiencing the life path they are choosing for themself – for we are not privy to the complex inter-relationships and effects that another’s life path choices have upon the holographic Universe and everyone and everything in it.

Rather, each of us has a sole self-responsibility to wake up and self-care as our primary task, to ourself and for everyone around us.  We are only ever given command of one ship – the one known as “Me.”

It starts with us – always.  We are here to chart our own course, to care for our own “vessel” so as to be a healthy, happy human and be filled with abundant Love to share.  You cannot pour water from an empty pitcher…



I Met An Angel This Morning!

Early this morning, I went for a walk through the woods, to stretch my legs and experience some early-day one-ness with Nature.  It was cool and calm and quiet, which made for a really pleasant wander along the path through the trees.  No wind, so no rustling leaves.  This fact will become important as the story unfolds!

For quite some time now, I have been aware of all plants as sentient and as “aware” of their environment as I am (there is scientific evidence to verify this), so I passed through their space with an open heart and an open mind, sending them all deep appreciation and love.

Towards the end of my walk, as I was drawing close to the car park at the start of the trail, I met a mother and her young son and their dog, walking in the opposite direction.  As we neared and began to pass one another, the two adults shared “Good Morning!  Lovely day!“s with one another.

But it was the young lad who really grabbed my attention.  He was about six years old; a chubby, round-faced lad with a mass of freckles.  He looked up at me and said, “The trees are talking!  Can you hear them?

Yes, I can hear them,” I heard myself reply, smiling down at him.  I looked up at his Mum and we shared a smile – though I suspect perhaps with different understandings at what had just transpired.  Or perhaps not?…

It made me realise that I was aware of the trees’ presence, of their energy.  Perhaps I did not “hear” them as clearly as that young lad obviously did (he was still close in years to his source of creation, more so than I am!), but perhaps he sensed someone who was at least in tune with the trees, and felt able to ask his question.  I was really happy to be able to respond so positively and so spontaneously, and thus support his awareness, rather than decry and diminish it.

And, for me, he was indeed an angel this morning.  He gave me a very solid “nudge” to revise my self-image about my awarenesses, and to watch my self-talk – to keep it positive and less judgmental.  I’m not one of those people who can see auras,” I often remark, because I think (thought!) that was my truth – but this morning may have shifted that mindset somewhat!!

Apparently, angels come in all shapes, sizes, genders and places!!  Watch out for your hidden angels today – they are out there, waiting for you!!



You cannot change anything effectively until you change your beliefs.  No amount of new actions, affirmations or any other sort of “work” will shift the deep fundamentals that control your life.  Only new beliefs can do that.

So whenever a reaction feels familiar inside – and you have to be aware and on the lookout for such reactions in every moment, especially when you are feeling “stressed” – this “familiar” feeling is the brightly flashing red-alert beacon that – Here-Now-My Choice Point – here is a gift / opportunity to “choose differently this time” and really change the direction of your life.  It is an opportunity to let go of “I know that I am right / this is right” and seek new answers, new perspectives.

And never forget, in each and every moment, that everyone is doing the best that they can, given their picture of the world.  Everyone.  No exceptions.

Yes, you, too.  Go easy on yourself – and everyone else…



It seems that there have been a lot of pithy statements appearing in my world these past few days, so now is the time to share them!…

    • Compassion  –  the opening of always-another-chance  –  never ends.  That is true, unconditional love.
    • Have “preferences – no “needs“…
    • A “good teacher is one who produces a lot of teachers…
  • What you do to another, you do to yourself.  Choose wisely.



It is essential to find peace within – it is the key to all other solutions – for without peace there can be no love, and without love there can be no true solution.

And without love there can be no peace



Peering Through The Fog…

My main, “lifetime” career was in the maritime industry.  On large, ocean-going ships, in other words!  I spent many long, and often peaceful, happy hours on ships’ bridges, sailing across the ocean’s surface.  It is a wonderful place for contemplation!  But as Joseph Conrad knew, it can also be the wildest place on Earth.  Every face of Nature may be found there.  Over the years, it has moved me to write poetry, dragged me into abject fear and terror, and carried me into some of the most profound spiritual moments of my entire life.

Memories from my times at sea came to me today as Shira and I were talking over morning coffee.  It is our daily time of reading, sharing and discussing, usually about energy and healing, or something spiritual.  This morning, the fog dropped in – quite literally!  My mind sped back to long hours spent on the bridges of ships, peering out into that swirling maze of myriad water droplets known as “fog,” straining eyes – and ears! – to discern even the slightest evidence of “another ship.”  Please consider that we might have been in the middle of thousands of miles of open ocean – but still we could not “see,” and thus life changed most dramatically.  Generally, speed was reduced, extra lookouts (who listened for foghorns blaring in the mist, too) were posted on the bridgewings and fo’c’s’le – all such measures seeking to ensure that there was no collision with another vessel.  Effectively, the normal passage of the ship on its voyage was severely altered and curtailed until the fog cleared or the vessel sailed out of the fogbank.  Since we humans are creatures of habit, being fog-bound wasn’t the ideal state for those on board – everyone’s patterned, scheduled life was disrupted – and it certainly didn’t suit the shipowners or charterers, who knew all too well that “time is money“!

If you have ever driven a car in fog, you’ll know what I am talking about.  You can be driving on the straightest road ever made, with not one side road for miles and miles, with wide lanes, a perfect road surface and markings – the works.  But when that fog comes down – life changes!  Minimal speed, inching your way ahead, straining to see whatever you can of the road surface in front of you, the lines at the side – and perhaps (probably?) a deep hope in your gut that there will NOT be another car (or something bigger) “in the way” as you slowly work your way forward, hoping that you will see it (moving in the same direction as you, right?) before you hit it.  OMG, what if there’s been a collision ahead and you plough into it???….

Can you feel that sense of tension and the fear such situations can create?

Our reactive, subconscious patterns, our habitual responses acquired during early childhood, even in utero, and from any traumatic life events, come from a mindset that is effectively fog-bound by our “stories.”  There is one huge difference, though.  The fog that we stumble through, reacting to Life, is not external – it is all IN-side us.  Still, we cannot “see our way ahead” clearly, so we become fear-based and stressed – or, if we think that we can see our way ahead clearly (“I know that I’m right…“), we press blithely on and, often dramatically, meet whatever is waiting for us.  So often, we perceive that everything we experience as “life” is separate from us – “out there,” “them,” “other“…  We create stories in our heads about what we see and believe “out there,” and thus reinforce and generate more stories – new chapters are written and old ones embellished.  In this way, we create our ongoing experience of Life.

If we can gain a sense of how we can be so easily “internally fog-bound” with the filters, beliefs and stories we absorbed during our formative years, and how this can so severely restrict the way we move through life (or open us up to pratfalls if we are less-cautious!), it offers a doorway of questioning, of openness, to seeking new answers, new ways of “seeing” things – and that new pathway of awareness can steadily and surely move us out of the Inner Fog which can keep us so profoundly hampered in life.

May we all be inner-fog-free!!  🙏🏼 ❤️



Wisdom — is the ability to cry…



I read the following sentence this morning and felt it to be a powerfully insightful statement.  Can you sense its depth???…

Only while loving do the pains of feeling lighten.”

My understanding is that we are here to feel our emotions – our real emotions, and all of them, not just the ones we feel “okay” with or that are “acceptable” – and to express fully who and what we are with deep integrity and authenticity in this manifestation.  Since I believe that we are all Love, that we are all an expression of Love in some form, then it is only by feeling loving, by Be-ing the Love that we are, that we can bring the (perceived) “pains” of our emotions into a place where we are able to experience them completely and, thus, into a place of understanding, acceptance and growing wisdom.

To me, that is evolution – and we are experiencing vast amounts of it nowadays!  Ride The Wave!!…  🙏🏼

(thanks – again! – to Mark Nepo – “The Book Of Awakening,” p.564 – for the quote)




From all that I’ve learned these past years, one of the biggest illusions we face in this universe of contrast (and that we also face the need to perceptually overcome) is Duality – the perception of “Separateness.”  By that, I mean the apparently “real” dualities – you/me, here/there, left/right, big/small, past/future, up/down – anywhere that a “contrast” appears, in other words – and the subsequent “judgments” that arise, based upon them.

My understanding is that it is only by the means of (apparent) contrast that we get to exert our free will (choice) and express who we are in this manifested world (the world of 0.0001% manifested – as opposed to the 99.9999% unmanifested energy = infinite potential).  In other  words, the light needs the darkness in order to know itself as light.  …I am not / do not choose ‘that’ – therefore I am / choose ‘this’…  As Creators, this is our task here.

The challenge is that we have lost sight of what the contrast is there for, and have started to believe in it as the only “reality” – and are thus giving it creative energy to “be.  Looking around the world nowadays tells us what that misuse of creative power has manifested for us.

In the realm of spiritual healers, and going back into the history of esoteric lore, there arises a strong thread of a belief in “dark energy” – “evil forces,” in other words.  This, too, stems from a belief in the illusory duality of contrast – something that we now have to heal and love into a new awareness.

My new way of seeing and holding this is simple.  It totally removes the “judgments” that tie us up in such complicated knots in so many ways.  It aligns perfectly with “Loving What Is.  It absolutely removes duality, separation.

Since everything is Divine (or nothing is!), there is only Energy.  Energy varies in its frequency, its vibration, but that is all.  It isn’t “good” or “bad;” not “dark” or “light.”  There is no “me” and “them.”  There is just Energy.  We are all an integral part of it.  It simply Is.  And the one other variable around Energy is Choice – our choice of what we are, what frequency we resonate at, what we choose to “be” – because that creates the world we (all) subsequently experience.

That’s it – Energy and Choice.  That’s all we have to solve for.  It ties in perfectly to that simple question we are called upon to answer in every nanosecond of this consciousness / awareness we call Life – “How will I respond?

Energy and “How Will I Respond?  Try them on for size!!…



Gifts In Strange Wrapping Paper

I had an experience yesterday that has impacted me on many levels.  This, coupled with another similar experience a year or so ago, reinforces the knowledge that The Universe often brings its “gifts” and new awarenesses in what could be seen as “unusual wrapping paper“!  In other words, the “gift” may present in ways that, without deeper reflection, do not make it apparent to be what it actually is.  “Feeling” seems to be the way to identify it and, of course, given the infinite potential of everything to be everything else (!), perhaps it all depends upon how we see it in its unique and extraordinary moment??  Anyway…

I was filling my car up with gas, when I became aware of a guy asking people at the pumps if they could “help out” – “someone panhandling,” to use that dismissive and pejorative term.  That was my initial internal reaction/thought.  I’d also noticed, from the corner of my eye, that he had some type of modern “walking stick.”

I was facing the pump, setting things up to fuel the car, when he first spoke to me.  “Sir, can you spare something to help out?” – or words to that effect.  My initial reaction was one of rejection – an internal no.  So I gave him some answer about only having “plastic” (which was untrue), and he responded with a smile and “I don’t have one of those machines…”  As he walked away, I looked up, to see that he had two prosthetic legs.

I filled the car and, inwardly, decided that I did not feel right about blowing the guy off.  His response about “not having one of those machines” had been said with a wry smile; a true moment of humour.  I had cash in my wallet and “…he could be me…” I thought.  As I drove away from the pumps, I was looking for him, only to see that he’d walked away from the gas station and crossed the entrance road into the parking lot.  I was trying to get close to him in my car, wanting to connect with him on my side of the vehicle; no reaching across “at a distance.”  Finally, I ended up in the exit lane of the parking lot, with a few cars ahead of me waiting for traffic on the main road, and called him over.

The dialogue between us isn’t what matters here.  It was his response which touched me so much, and continues to do so nearly a day after the event.  You know when you can tell that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life?  When what you’ve done has totally shifted the energy of The Universe?  I got that at the time, but the true depth of it only arrived later.

At first, I thought that it was the actual cash that I gave him which was what was important.  I wanted him to know that he mattered, that he’d been seen and acknowledged.  It was only this morning that it really hit me, though.

He had been seen.  It wasn’t the money.  Someone had actually taken time to change their actions, their life, altered what they were doing to connect with him, to engage, to show him that he mattered and had value.  And it dawned on me that so many of us, to some degree or other, do not feel seen.  I may have given him a few dollars; he gave me a far bigger gift – one of awareness.

So my take-away from all this??  To SLOW DOWN – so as to be able to see myself fully, to feel “seen” – and thus then to be able, to be present enough in every Now moment, to really see someone else.  I promise you – it will touch your heart and change lives…

Oh, and have you ever noticed (have you ever really looked?)?  Street people, the ones who are genuinely without, have the clearest, most piercingly crystalline eyes.  I suspect that they see the truth far more clearly than the rest of us.  They have few self-deluding illusions left…



surfer #2

I read a very clear example about Life this morning.

Thanks to the wisdoms from Viktor Frankl (“Man’s Search For Meaning“) and Matt Kahn (I believe that it was his “The Soul’s Journey” on YouTube that included this gem, amongst many others –, I have come to understand that it is not the “what,” “why” or “how” of our lives that are important.  The manifested circumstances of our lives are simply that – What Is.  And “what is” cannot be changed, because it is already manifested, materialised.  Anything that we (try to) do with it, about it, will be looking backwards into the past – and we cannot alter the past!  It is beyond our reach, by definition.  Therein lies our first clue.

The one, single question that we need to answer in every moment – The Question That Really Matters – is “How Will I Respond?

Why is this important?  Because Here-Now-My-Choice-Point is the Point Of Creation – that magical place in space-time where we can influence what comes our way.  The only place where that can be done, where we can radiate our energy outwards, ahead into The Universe, and directly affect what flows to us as “life.”  There our energy impacts the dynamic, fluid entity of the cosmos and moulds the unmanifested into becoming-manifested, as Life flows towards us.  That is creating!

So what did I read this morning?  It was in HeartMath Inc’s latest book, “Heart Intelligence: Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart” (

Doc Childre, the founder of HeartMath, painted a picture of a “seasoned surfer” who skilfully adapts and works with every nuance of every wave that presents itself to her/him as they skim forward.  They are “in the flow” of what presents itself to them in every moment.  They don’t stop and complain each and every time the “the perfect wave” doesn’t offer itself to them.  They remain in the essence of their Here-Now-My-Choice-Point, and answer that ongoing question of “How Will I Respond?” in every millisecond.  Thus they remain in the flow of life, of the waves they are surfing, and by using that awareness they develop their own skill and surf majestically and comprehensively, in the flow.

Can you see how that analogy is a perfect example of how Life presents to each of us? – and how we are best served to respond?  What is, is.  “How Will I Respond?” is the one question we truly do need to answer in each moment of every day.  It is our ongoing Choice Point, to actively create our future…



I have watched this three times already, and I truly believe it to be one of the most expansive and profound teachings I have ever experienced.  Nearly 1.75 hours of amazing, amusing, intense and challenging explanation (i.e: our point of self-perception) for we humans and our place in this Universe.

Please – take the time to watch and listen – it has the potential to change your life – and the lives of everyone else….



Nearly a month since I last posted here – and it has been a very full, “interesting,” and what feels like a highly freeing, self-developmental month.  Apparently, from all that I hear, I am not alone in this!!  This is good!!!  👍🏻

An extension to a well-known saying today – because it keeps speaking to me…

Everything is either an Act Of Love or a Cry For Love –

– and every Cry For Love is a Cry Of Fear

Treat everyone you meet with More Love, Not Less – including yourself, every day, in every moment…

Another thing which keeps cropping up in various forms  –  Whenever one is facing some form of challenge or something “troublesome” – whatever you are sure is absolutely “right,” correct, without question – “everyone knows that – I know that” – just there is where you need to release all belief, all judgment, all certainty – and fully open your mind to everything as new possibilities.  I can almost guarantee you – the pathway to peaceful and harmonious resolution lies that way…



Love & Water 201



New Blessing

Blessed with Love 20160522



Sharing Benefits

Following on from my ongoing experiences with daily blessings (below – 5/18/16), something else arrived in front of me today – another powerful way to bring healing and balance back to the world, by using our personal energy to lift the collective energy higher.  This, too, is in the form of a daily practice which relates to things many of us probably take too much for granted.  It works on our innate power as co-creators in this Universe to affect the energy matrix in which we all live.  Something to repeat every morning upon waking…

May every breath I take bless this world with clean air

May every morsel I eat bless everyone with enough food

May every drop of water I drink bless everyone with available, clean water

May every movement I make bless everyone with good health, and

May every step I take bless everyone with freedom and joy

May you always be so blessed…




I recently heard what turned out to be a very empowering suggestion from Matt Kahn, which I promptly put into action.  It is to create a blessing around what one personally desires for oneself, and then to use that blessing on everyone one encounters throughout the day.  Drivers you pass on the street (especially ones who cut you off, or are “driving too slowly“), people in the grocery store, colleagues at work (especially your boss and the other employee who “doesn’t like me“!)  You get the picture – spread it around, to everyone and everything.  Let your imagination roam free with it – no limits, release all the judgments.

My own blessing reads as follows:

May you be blessed with great self-awareness and love, with vibrant health and healing, and with glorious abundance.

With that in mind, I set out for the grocery store and to gas up my car.

Now, maybe it depends upon where one is on one’s journey through Life, how one perceives everything, but if you’ve never tried this process I suggest that you do try it – and make it a regular, daily habit.  I have never yet experienced anything so unifying and uplifting as this practice.  On my way back home, I felt like stopping and stepping out of my car, and proclaiming this blessing to the whole world – to the Universe, in fact – I felt so empowered.

And here’s the good part.  By expressing such a blessing (high energy) to everyone / everything you encounter, you are similarly lifting your own energy upwards, since it is emanating from you – and that feels sooooo good!!  And guess what?  Guess whose life experience from all this blessing is also affected?  Remember, in the energetic realms, like attracts like, so by sharing all this high, happy energy, you also benefit in like manner.

Now, if that isn’t a win-win, I don’t know what is.  Do give it a try!!  🙏🏼 




Perhaps it depends upon where one is in one’s journey through Life (?), but the following few sentences from two parts of Mark Nepo’s book, “The Endless Practice – Becoming Who You Were Born To Be,” really spoke deeply to me this morning.  So they are shared here in the hope that they may trigger some profound, internal response in you, too, Dear Reader!

  • Concerning an (in)ability to feel and violence:

The inability to feel leads to violence as a last attempt to feel.  …we’ve created a culture that keeps divorcing its citizens from their inborn nature.

  • Concerning the innate gifts that you possess and that are you:

So you don’t have to hide what God has given you.  You don’t need to apologize for what you love.  That you love it makes it sacred.  In truth, your love makes the sacred show itself, the way the sun makes flowers open.

May you feel fully, courageously, and may you deeply know that what you love is truly sacred…



Seek to see beyond your understanding.

(with acknowledgement to Matt Kahn)



My Essential Truths

I have always sought to distill my life experiences down into easy-to-remember, succinct maxims that are readily retained and accessed by the mind, hopefully thus always being available, especially in what are perceived as stressful times.  Rules Of The Road” that help me to stay on track if life hands me an unforeseen “nudge” – not, of course, that that ever happens (right!!)

This morning, after all the recent “growth spurts” that I seem to have experienced lately, I decided to write down the maxims which had finally accumulated in that heart-related repository, stored somewhere in my be-ing.  They are shared here for what they are worth.  If they give you pause for thought, then that is good!!  ????


Some “side notes on the above, which you will need to place appropriately yourself!…

    • Divinity = Truth
    • Yes! – YOU!!
    • Thank You, Wayne Dyer, Mohandas K. Gandhi and Ram Dass
    • To thine own self be true
    • Choose your words with care and always be aware of them – before speaking
    • Love is always Unconditional – otherwise, it is not Love
    • Love and Fear are Mutually Exclusive – they can not exist together
    • Everything is A Relationship – and contains A Message
    • You are the single most important thing in your life – always
  • Maxims always apply to You, too

As always, comments invited…



During our morning reading today (a daily ritual, akin to shared meditation), the following piece spoke deeply to me of “our human condition” and especially where we collectively stand at this point in our evolution.  If there is one thing that I have observed and felt internally which disempowers us more than anything else, it is Fear.  The perception that we are able to evolve (and are evolving) our reactions to Fear is uplifting indeed…

The Temptation Of Fear

Nothing disheartens us more than fear. It is wildly paralytic and numbing. It keeps us from listening, and what we do hear through fear is often distorted. So let’s look at the dynamics of fear. As human beings, we’re born with a fight-or-flight reflex in which we’re physiologically wired to respond to life-threatening situations by either fighting off a threat or running from it.

However, this impulse is often exaggerated and triggered by situations that, though stressful and uncomfortable, are not life-threatening. Yet we respond the same way, fighting or fleeing as if our life depends on it. Such overreactions can leave incredible damage in our path. As when we kill a bee that’s made it to our kitchen, because we fear its sting. Or when we swat at someone, because we fear being stung by their neediness or pain. Or not letting a woman torn open with grief into our church, because we fear she is mad.

But what if this fight-or-flight reflex is evolving like everything else? What if we’re in the midst of an evolutionary processing which our basic understanding of what it means to fight or flee is being redefined by our experience? The evolving questions could save us. Can we grow the skill to determine what is truly life-threatening from what is simply ego- or identity-threatening? And how might we respond more precisely to situations that seem life-threatening, though they are not?

The longer we can resist the temptation of fear, in order to discern what is truly threatening from what is stressful and uncomfortable, the less violent our reactions are. This requires a special kind of listening, awakened by our strength of being and our strength of compassion. This discernment is a reflective practice that deepens our integrity. I believe that over time, the art of facing things openly and honestly can evolve our fight-or-flight reflex beyond its primitive response. Facing conflict and fear can keep us in relationship with our experience long enough to uncover what we have in common with every living thing.

With deep thanks to Mark Nepo – “The Endless Practice” – ISBN: 978-1-4767-7464-0



No Strangers In The Heart

Some words that touched me deeply during our daily morning readings and sharings…

Now I wonder: Is listening with our heart a form of sweeping away all the noise and distraction that life keeps whipping up? I remain convinced that, when we can listen deeply – beyond our need of being heard, beyond the rustle of our own concerns – there are no strangers in the heart. When we can truly listen, we slowly, through the sweep of love, become each other.

Mark Nepo; “Seven Thousand ways To Listen” – p. 256. (ISBN: 978-1-4516-7466-8)

I tell you, the more I think, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.

Van Gogh




This morning, I awoke, remembering a “signature” that I have in my e-mail application.  The words speak deeply of where I am in my life right now, so I chose to share its wisdoms here – regrettably “Author Unknown“…

Someone said men are allotted just as many tears as women, but because we don’t shed them, we die earlier.

I don’t want that to be me…




I have a dear friend who has always expressed her “fear of strangers,” and this morning, while reading a segment from Mark Nepo’s book, “Inside The Miracle” (ISBN: 978-1-62203-554-0do yourself a huge favour and do not just read it – absorb this book), it made me think of her.  I shared what follows with her by e-mail, and then I wondered how many others of us share this fear (essentially of the “unknown“).  Perhaps there is some insight and thus release for you, too, in the following words…

One of the great paradoxes of be-ing is that each of us is born complete and yet we need contact with life in order to be whole. This, then, is the purpose of the stranger: to enliven what is dormant within us. Once enlivened, it is our responsibility to keep what’s dormant conscious and to integrate the fibres of hard-earned experience into the fabric of a living spirit.

The word stranger denotes a living embodiment of that which is strange. But the word strange means more than being odd and unfamiliar. The word strange comes from the Old French, estrange, which means extraordinary. Ultimately, the stranger functions as an unexpected messenger who can embody or mirror what is extraordinary within us, what is possible but yet unlived.

The strange messenger is an extraordinary completing agent that disrupts what is familiar in order that we might grow; sometimes by mending us and sometimes by breaking down our walls. And whether it be someone who finally loves you for who you are or a fire that destroys all your paintings or the sudden appearance of a deer staring at you in the wet snow, the strange messenger serves as a catalyst that opens us to a deeper way of living. Whether embodied in an event or in a person or in a break in our comfortable way of thinking, experiencing the extraordinary brings us closer to the ongoing Unity of Creation of which we all are a part.

The strange messenger can arrive as a cloud or a brick: as a lyric of truth piped over your head in a restaurant, drifting into the centre of all your confusion at just the right instant, or as a sudden wind that relieves you of a certain map, forcing you to find your way by other means. But inevitably, the presence of the extraordinary, whether harsh or kind, will reconnect us with the rest of the Universe.

With a deep Thank You for your enduring wisdoms, Mark Nepo…  🙏🏼



Standing Still

I had a revelation two mornings ago, where I “got it” how Life flows to us.  It has fundamentally shifted my whole perception, and I want to try and set it down as clearly as I am able to…

In this “linear time” reality, we perceive ourselves as on a journey – we are travellers, always moving through life, on our way to some crossroads or other where we can then (perhaps) make a decision about which way to go, when we get to “see the signpost.”  My new understanding is that we are fixed – we “be” – and all that is “yet to be (manifested),” that 99.99999%, flows towards us and past us.

We are energy / frequency transceivers – always receiving and transmitting our unique energy signature, our frequency, into The Universe.  It is what we transmit outwards (our frequency, our “vibe“) that makes the unmanifested turn into (apparently) manifested and thus form our experienced reality.  Note that we are not moving – it is all flowing to and past us.  We are constantly, in every moment, every second of life, Here, Now, at our eternal Choice Point.  Remember that saying? – Be Here, Now.  We always are.  This is how we create our world experience.  All the other unmanifested (that is, unseen) is also there, flowing to and by us; we simply cannot perceive it, since our transceiver is set to a tight frequency band of reception / transmission.  If we can widen that range, it affects the unmanifested and we begin to perceive more and more of the “non-material,” the energy world.

As we stand in that Here, Now, My Choice Point place, we constantly have the opportunity to choose our response to what we perceive.  What we do not change, we choose by default (what you are not changing, you are choosing), and thus experience what the Collective is choosing.

We can choose Love or Fear – everything else is a derivative of one of those two options.  We always stand in My Choice Point.  As such, we are always at choice how we are going to change the way we perceive Life as it flows to us.  When we change our frequency, we begin to affect the unmanifested flowing to us and thus change our life experiences.  We are always At Choice.  Here.  Now.  This is how we are creators of our life experience.

This is not intended to address the greater aspects of life; simply the elements that we can affect by our choices and the frequency/ies we select to transmit outwards into the Field flowing towards us.  The more we practice choosing and sending out the frequencies (emotions) we want to manifest, the wider and greater their effect upon what we experience as “manifested.”

If you shift your perception of yourself as moving, a traveller through Life, and become a fixed point in the Flowing Field of Energy, it makes it easier and simpler to understand that Here, Now, My Choice Point is where we always are and how we are thus empowered in every single moment to choose and exercise our Power Of Choice to create new.

This “picture” has enabled me to move my inner focus and how I “hold” life and its progress in profound, fundamental ways.  That we are always “Here, Now, My Choice Point” is so focussing and so empowering.  I hope that it may speak to you, also…



May You Enjoy…

May you enjoy each day 20160119 small



Limits On Love

From my past, I received a sudden insight this morning:   I can only ever receive someone else’s love to the degree that I love myself..  Whatever limits or restrictions or “less than 100%“s I hold about unconditionally loving myself, those same limits block the love that I receive.

Since We Are All One, how can it be any other way?  The limits are Universal…



Who Will Live Your Life?

After reading this excerpt from Mark Nepo’s book entitled Inside The Miracle” (ISBN: 978-1-62203-491-8) this morning, I felt so moved by its wisdoms that I had to share it.  So here is my spoken rendition of “Who Will Live Your Life?”  I hope that it touches chords within you as it did within me earlier today…



Following readings from “I Can See Clearly Now” by the late-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Wise words by Buckminster Fuller:

Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person…”

And from Joe Girard:

The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs – one step at a time…”

As Panache Desai remarks, that’s how he became an “overnight success” – ten years in the making!!  🙏🏼 



Our Love

I had a deep, tearful moment this morning, just as I said “I Love You” to myself (I was actually doing morning body stroking / appreciation) and I sensed that there is some old, old part of me that feels so unworthy, so unloved and unlovable, that it yearns, it aches for love.

So my solution? – give it what it needs.  Love it beyond its belief as to what is possible to be loved.  And thus heal it, finally, once and for all.

No matter how much love we receive from outside, it is OUR Love for ourselves that matters the most.  Without that, we are empty…



Our Language Totally Limits Us

Quantum physics tells us that the manifested world (what we perceive with our five senses) represents about 0.00001% of The Universe; that there’s another 99.99999% swimming all around us that is pure energy – unmanifested.

I see our language as also being part of that 0.00001%.  When we try to express something that is “ethereal,” “spiritual,” we are using something that – by its very nature – is confined, restricted, limiting.  For instance, take the word “Love.”  More specifically, “Unconditional Love” or “The Love Of The Universe” – “Divine Mother Love” – those concepts.  I am reminded of the saying: “To name me is to negate me.”  When we move into the realms of energy and spirit, of frequency and vibration, of Creation, then our language – that vast talkback system in our head that eventually spews forth from our mouth – or our keyboard! – fails us totally.  And we are currently collectively moving into the realms of energy and spirit, of frequency and vibration.

We have to become aware of and start to use new ways of receiving and communicating, of inter-relating, that are not based upon language, but upon spirit, upon energy, upon “heart.”  Forge new pathways in all forms of our relationships with one another, in the ways we communicate, with Self and with one another.  And it appears to me that much of that shift will be enabled by a change of perception from Fear – into Love, into Trust and Faith in Self, in The Universe, in one another.  A stepping away from a perception of ourselves as limited, mechanical, finite beings – into a world where we know ourself – our collective, whole, unified Oneness – as infinite, singular, inextricably connected, flowing, perfect and sublimely varied.  And we celebrate that infinite diversity, rather than fear it…

Our words carry energy when we express them, impacting the unmanifested 99.99999%.  From the limited to the limitless.  So we might be wise to be very aware when we speak, to choose what we say cautiously, with care and with love, rather than fear.  For those words we utter then resonate outwards into The Universe and affect what is made manifest in our world, individually and collectively.  We may not be able to accurately state (in words) what “Love” is – but our heart knows, and it is from there that we shall express in the future – one “word” at a time.

Journey Well!  🙂



What does Love feel like?

It dawned on me this morning (is that a punny joke?)  We live in a world of (ostensibly) five senses and we are generally driven by them.  Our perception of this world is based upon them (for the most part – until we wake up), and our (re)actions are stirred and triggered by our perceptions of them and our responses to those five senses.  We tend to create our world based upon them.

So, my question arose – what does Love feel like?  Because if we don’t know what Love feels like on a sensory level, then consider what type of a world we are creating / living in…  Perhaps it could be missing a very vital, important element?

And then I look at the world we’ve collectively created over this past century or so.  Can you see one element that is missing, by and large, the absence of which perhaps underpins all the things we’d not choose to have exist in our “ideal world“?  Could that one element be Love? – and could that be because we do not really know what it feels like, individually and collectively?…

So, my question to myself – and to you – is “What does Love really feel like?”  I become aware that we are very good at manipulating our emotions, both externally and internally.  It’s how we are raised and how we learn to survive as we grow from childhood into adulthood, with whatever ways we use and manipulate our emotions.  We use our intellect to control how we feel – it’s an emotional survival tool.  BUT – and this is the big one – that process divorces us, steadily and increasingly, from a true experience of all emotions, including Love.

And isn’t that one of the biggest gaps we have to bridge now?  To return to an internal knowing and experiencing of the real feeling of Love?  I suspect that it is a key to a doorway into BE-ing Love and living at that higher frequency in integrity and in deep honesty…



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