Energy Is Sound

Energy IS Sound!

Everything is Energy.  All energy has a frequency.  Every frequency makes a vibration.  All vibrations make a sound.  This sound is the origin of creation.  So, all creation starts as a sound.  The lights in the room, the chair you are sitting on, the papers on your desk or table, the wall, your breath, everything.  Many of the sounds are not audible to the “naked ear,” but scientific instruments can read them.  Many sounds are audible, and we train them out of our awareness so as not to be consciously over-stimulated to the point of irritation or anxiety.  The sounds that we can’t hear are still affecting us.  Some of these sounds we feel or sense.  Holistic Nurses and Energetic, Spiritual and Vibrational Therapists are able to address the immediate and long-term effects of these invisible frequencies that affect the physical, emotional and mental body using frequency tools.

Recap: In the world we live in, everything is frequency, everything is energy and everything has a sound. Whether we know it or not, these frequencies are affecting us constantly. Because we are frequency beings, we vibrate, we make a sound and we interact with everything in our world on the frequency level. I don’t like to use the words “good” and “bad,” so let’s just say – everything is affecting us.  If it’s healthy for us, when the frequency entrains with us, it is nurturing, uplifting or empowering to us.  A dissonance or dis-ease in the resonance of the energetic body, though, can cause anything from a small emotional irritation to a fracturing or shattering of the emotional body’s stability, which can eventually create a mental illness or a chronic disease process, if allowed to persist.  Because of this, it is really important for us to begin to understand our sonic environments, and begin to work with them so that they are supportive of us.  The resonance of the body is as important as homeostasis to our overall health and healing.

There are many things in our world that we have no control over… Well, that really isn’t true.  What is true is that we have created a world in which some of these things are toxic and overwhelming for us.  Because of that, we live in a world where we need to start understanding what those toxicities are, and doing everything we can to balance and to undo the damage.  We need to nurture the earth in a way that it can cleanse itself of our toxicities. That being said, we have a lot more control over our frequency environment than we realize.  Number one, we can change or balance the sounds in our personal environment, which is one of those frequency patterns that are constantly affecting us.  Another frequency we can control is what kind of food we eat.  Our diet is another frequency pattern in our environment.  If we eat foods that have herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and/or “kill-acides” in them, then we are increasing the effects of dissonant frequencies in our bodies, which can make us weaker or unhealthy.  We can bring in different visual spaces in our environment that are nurturing, calming and uplifting.  Our language is a huge frequency tool.  Our speaking can be toxic or nourishing.  Daily Sounding can be healing and harmonically aligning to our frequency patterns.  So, in reference to frequency, we have control over a lot of it and the ability to affect it for the good of all, not just for ourselves.

One of the most profound instruments that we have to use to affect this vibrational space is our own voice.  In my practice, I use the voice and assorted instruments to recreate the harmonic resonance or balanced state of the vibrational or energetic body, to bring peace and comfort to the physical body.  Your voice has natural overtones that are the unique healing frequencies that you need.

Our Music Keeps Us Tense!

Music, and the instruments developed for pleasure listening, are typically aligned to the standard tuning of A 440 Hz .  I follow the Ra Music format that is tuned to the vibration of the Earth.  This tuning is in alignment with natural frequencies and it is based in the tuning of A 424 Hz.  Most naturally-made instruments, i.e: crystal and Tibetan bowls, native flutes, rattles and drums, are created in natural frequencies, similar to the cries of birds, whales, dolphins, wolves…..

It is important that we begin to understand and use our voices to harmonize our world.  This planet needs our support and we, as individuals, need to reclaim our vibrant health and well-being.  Many of us were raised with the notion “children should be seen and not heard.”  Our familial upbringing stripped many of us of our voices.  Part of my life’s purpose is to help people reclaim their voice and, through this process, remember who they really are, so that they are empowered and in harmonic resonance again.  Harmonic resonance creates vibrant health, peace of mind and joy in life.

So, start todayBegin to recognize what the frequency patterns are in the world that you live inBe sensitive to the effects they are having on you.  Notice when you start to feel a little stressed, a little irritated or a little “out of harmonic alignment.”  When you begin to observe your environment and start to affect the things that are in it, you begin to feel better, healthier, more vibrant and more whole.  When you come into awareness of those things for yourself, it will open the doorway for you to be able to be present for those things for the highest good of all, for the earth and for all those in your world.

My voice is now a vehicle to assist others in healing and creating a life that they truly love.  I would be honored to teach you what I have learned, or to help you through a frequency treatment process to reclaim your vibrant health and well-being.

In Harmony: