“Sines Of The Times”

Welcome to Vibrationally Sound’s latest online Radio / Video Show…

Sines Of The Times” opens a unique portal of conversation, where way-showers, light-bringers and life visionaries — that is, catalysts for change — can share their insights, wisdoms and tools, so that we may all collectively raise our frequencies, and help bring forward loving, powerful change and enable a New Earth to spring forth.  The time is Now.  Join us and discover how You can make a difference.

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Our Conversation with Margaret Blauvelt:

Shira calls Margaret “The Modern-Day Mystic“!  Her passion is communication with those who cannot speak.  Her greatest teacher was a mostly nonverbal boy with severe cerebral palsy and a fantastic sense of humor, whom she cared for for over five years.  With him, she learned to ask better questions and also honed a clearer communication process, thus changing her own thinking and, as she says, occasionally someone else’s!  This conversation runs for nearly ninety minutes!  Recommended.  🙏🏼 

Click Margaret’s picture (above) to access the show.  The link to the poem mentioned during the latter part of the conversation can be found here.


Our Conversation with Garret Sanford:

This is a two-part conversation with Garret Sanford, a cranio-sacral therapist in CA who spent time volunteering at hospitals in India and who continues to seek out ways to expand and evolve.  We had so much to talk about that we ran over into a second hour!  Garret brings a calm and considered viewpoint to the chaotic times we are collectively passing through.  Don’t miss his wisdoms.

Garret’s web site: https://www.awakeningstillness.com


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