Emotions Of Sound

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While every organ and system present in the human body has its own resonant or home frequency, so, too, does every human emotion and feeling.  This is true of momentary, passing emotions (a person feels anger after getting cut off in traffic), or for those emotions that become chronic (viewing oneself as a martyr).  Yes, whether it be jealousy, love, bitterness, resentment, contentment or anxiety, every constructive or destructive emotion and feeling has a signature frequency that links it to parts of the body.

Since emotions share energy with physical body parts, it is extremely important that emotional function be healthy and balanced if optimal health and well-being are to be realized.  When emotional function is out of balance (aggressive or neglected), the related physical areas can either become equally inflamed (or depressed) in function, because the emotion is encouraging an imbalanced flow of energy.  Likewise, if a person is resistant to feeling, the related body area will experience the pressure of having to compensate for the related lack of emotion.

A couple of examples….

  1. Consider a female client whose voice print presents with a depleted F frequency, an aggressive F# frequency and a depleted C and E frequency pattern.  She complained of heart palpitations and physical tiredness.   Feeling worried about her heart.  She admitted that she had a hard time letting her grown children fend for themselves in their lives.  She would give them financial support whenever they didn’t seem to have enough money, she would buy them what they thought they needed if they couldn’t afford it and in general, she was constantly assessing their needs and issues, and giving her help.  Her personal support frequencies….. F (self love), C (physical care) and E (personal power) were constantly being used in her martyring herself out to her children, as evidenced by her excessive F# frequency.
  2. There was the male client who grew up in a home where the atmosphere was cold and argumentative.  As a boy, this individual felt unloved, alone and isolated.  As a result, his attempts to gain love and attention created patterns that would cause him to be over-abundant in his F# frequency.   His way of getting the love he needed was giving all of himself to everyone and everything in his world, hoping to “get something back.”  He was not aware of the need to get something back.  It was hidden in the pattern of the “childhood frequencies.”  The F# frequency is related to humanitarianism and others.  Because this frequency became so prevalent, other frequencies became diminished or depleted.  His C and D frequencies suffered, leaving him in a space of physical lack and causing him to be at risk for physical issues.  The powerful, masculine-based survival frequencies of C and D are grounding and nourishing to the physical body.  They are necessary for strong bones, new cell regeneration and physical strength and well-being.

Emotions are the first signal from the chakras or energy field in our physical world.  We get an emotional response from our energy to help guide us to make a decision to rectify the imbalance before it becomes a cellular and/or hard core physical issue.  In our culture, we have learned that our emotions are not important.  That following the rules and doing “what we are SUPPOSED to” is the important thing.  So we learn to neglect, shut off and lose connection with our emotions, which are the very guidance system that would keep us in harmonic resonance.