Releasing Pain



I want to share some vibrational information on releasing pain.  You have heard of the singer that shatters a glass with her voice.  Vibrational patterns in the body can be shattered or shifted in much the same way, using sound.

One of my favorite teachers, Wayne Perry, talks about learning to resonate with the sounds that irritate you in your environment.  Based on the theory “what you resist – persists…” he teaches you to come into resonance with the irritating vibration and then you can “vibrate” it free by matching the tone with your own voice.  For instance, instead of complaining about your next door neighbor’s lawnmower running, make the sound of it with your voice.  If you can maintain that sound until the vibrational irritation releases, then you will be free of the irritant.   This is not something that is easy to embrace, but I have used the technique and it works (by the way, just allowing yourself to make a lawnmower sound can shift your whole energy field from “worrying adult to free child mode).

As for pain in the body, you can use this theory to relieve the pain also.  Here is the process that I use:

FIRST: for all self-treatment, take the time to set your intention for what you wish to accomplish.  Allow yourself to visit the “healed space.”  Remember what it felt like before the issue was with you and embrace that “whole” You.  If you can’t imagine this in the painful space, then be with a part of your body that doesn’t hurt and remember what normal feels like through that part of yourself.

  1. I get very still and become aware of all the sensations in my body.  I work to relax myself as much as possible (I know this can be difficult in the face of pain, but it is possible).  Come to your body, like you would come to a child who is hurting.  Loving and gentle and reach “in” to comfort the child.  Go to the pain and use all your senses to know the quality and intensity of it.  Then visualize bringing energy, light or breath into the space of pain.  When you inhale, sense this breath or chi filling that painful space.  When that area is full of breath or energy, move onto the next step.
  2. Now you are going to focus on making a sound that reflects the pain.  If the pain is tight or tense, you may tighten your lips and bring a screechy sound out.  If the pain is deep and intense, you may open your mouth wide and let a loud “OUUUU” sound that you project out for a full breath.  Whatever the sound….. TRUST….. that it is right.  Your brain will lie to you, but your body will not.  So just be willing to accept whatever sound comes up.  When you have sounded enough, you will feel a shift in the pain or it will leave you completely.  You will find your breath is deep and slow.  At this time…. sit quietly and allow the sounding to completely integrate.  This could take 2 to 20 minutes.  You will feel a sense of completion when it is done.
  3. Next, put your attention on the space where the pain was.  Allow any tones or sounds to come forth at this time, that would comfort or “fill” this space with energy and healing.  Again……. TRUST…… your body’s ability to find the right sound.  Often times, just humming the tone will massage the internal physical body back into a harmonic state.

Another technique that I use with sound is much gentler than sounding the harsh, painful sound.  I will take a voice print and look at your frequency pattern.  Typically, the pain can be found in the chart as a large spike of frequency that is stuck.  Then there is a process of taking the opposite frequency of the pain spike and sounding that frequency in a calm, quiet, relaxed, meditative state for about 15-20 minutes.  Sounding the opposite frequency will “pull” the frequency energy out of the congested area and create a release that will relieve the pain.

Please feel free to contact me (via the Secure Contact Form on the right) if you need clarification or want more information about this technique. Also, I can do a voice analysis to determine what tones your body may be needing to help harmonize your frequencies.  I am happy for you to share this information with any of your friends who might also need it.