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This is a Live, On-Line, 2-Hour Class with an additional Interactive 1-Hour Question-and-Answer session to fully empower you with all the tools you need to address any issue that arises in your body or environment.  It is a powerful class filled with information that can be utilized by anyone!

  1. A PDF workbook with the guidelines and instructions for the tools that you receive in the online class.
  2. Access to a webpage that will provide audio clips of sounding processes.
  3. A guided Daily Chakra Entrainment process to balance and harmonize the chakras.
  4. A Birth Note Color Wheel.
  5. A comprehensive Frequency Chart that has common health issues related to each chakra, notes for sounding, emotional responses, colors, associated astrological signs, mantras, associated glands and organs, the effect of tones when used on these chakra centers.
  6. Guidance on Qigong movements for empowering the chakra centers.


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