Divine Relationships (On-Line Seminars)

How To Enjoy The Relationship You Have Always Dreamed Of

A 4-hour, powerful, experiential workshop  – during which you will…

  • Learn how we are all conditioned to fail
  • See where we create our own traps and pitfalls
  • Gain the tools to help you replace old patterning
  • Discover the doorway to divine relationship

George brings an array of life experiences and skills, based upon years of travel and participation in varied aspects of human life and endeavors around the world.  He is constantly seeking to grow and expand his awareness, and loves to share the tools he has learned (too often the hard way!) with others who are also on a pathway to greater self-awareness.

Shira has spent a lifetime seeking the answers to Life’s Universal Questions. Her nursing work and Vibrational Medicine practice inevitably involve personal support and relationship counselling.  She now passionately and joyfully shares the vast relationship knowledge she has gained, not only through her professional experience, but also via her own personal, consistent seeking for greater awareness and expanding inner peace.

We Are All Here To Walk One Another Home – Come And Walk Some Of The Way With Us!

Benefit from an accumulated more-than-a-century-and-a-quarter of experience, hard-learned lessons and profound inner seeking.  We live this work every single day.  Acquire the tools to fast-track you into a Divine Relationship.  Prepare for a space of deep integrity and infinite self-honesty.

Join With Us To Grow

$150/couple or $80/person

Payment Options

This is our latest class and we are eager to share this space of raw, down-to-earth revelation with you.  Please check our Events Calendar (in the menu on the right, or below) to find the next online workshop.  Live seminars can be accessed here and also in the Events Calendar.