Divine Relationship Counselling In-Person

Single?  Couple?  More?  We are here to help.

Relationship” is so often a deeply challenging and sometimes traumatic part of a human being’s life.  And yet our relationships, perhaps surprisingly, actually offer us some of the most profound and extensive opportunities to develop and grow in emotional and spiritual stature – if we are prepared to face the inner journey that such growth and development requires of us.  We carry all our own answers within.  So if you are facing relationship challenges – then you may have just come to the right place! – right here on The Big Island of Hawai`i!

There is no more effective way to cooperatively address relationship challenges than by meeting with us face-to-face.  So if you reside on the Big Island, this is our recommended way for us to connect and start to collaboratively walk this pathway of sharing and support with you.  Human beings communicate more completely and far more comprehensively when sitting down together.  It is how we humans dialog best.

We offer you the combined relationship experience of over a century-and-a-quarter.  We live, breathe, eat and sleep this every day, because we deeply and experientially understand that, without a healthy relationship, life can be far less than the truly fulfilling experience it is meant to be – and why would any of us settle for anything less?  So! – help and support are here, available to you right now.

If this resonates with you – do connect with us and let us start to discuss your situation.  We are no further away than the Secure Contact Form on this page (in the right-hand menu, or at the bottom of this page if you are using a mobile device) or by telephone.  We can always find a mutually convenient opportunity to work together!  Mahalo and Aloha!  🙏🏼


Combined Counselling Rates (per 2-hour session):

  • No charge for initial consultation;
  • Single – $80 / session;
  • Couple – $150 / session;
  • Three People – $250 / session.